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Red Brush Apr 2019
On her velvet lips
Reddest at night,
Before the slips
Of careless slight,
A smile that grips
My heart tight
Plays, and strips
Me of each right.
Since there seems to be some confusion about certain words, here is the explanation I gave in the comments. The whole poem is essentially one continuous line/thought. On her velvet lips, that are reddest at night, before the slips (slips referring to slips of tongue, much like you would say with a term like 'Freudian Slip') of careless slight (slight meaning an insult) there plays a smile that grips my heart tight and strips of me of each right I have.
Red Brush Apr 2019
As the sweet moon pale,
Veiled by clouds,
Vanishes, without fail,
Gather the crowds;
Whispers of my heart frail.
Red Brush Feb 2019
My lies, I see, are pieces of me,
jagged and sharp;
Reminding me what I'd like me to be;
They fall from my fingertips,
With each press of a key,
And blink onto a screen,
To stare back, in disgust, at me.
Red Brush Feb 2019
Hope, more than a prayer,
Is believing life must bear
A promise of joy till end,
So we may to morrow, tend.
Red Brush Feb 2019
Flower buds gathered light
In dewdrops that hung
On soft petals; their right
To beauty, taken in young-
Morning hours; a sweet sight
For songbirds that sung
Of love born, before night
Came again with dark tongue
To claim light's bloom, in spite.
Red Brush Feb 2019
In youth, with bright eyes
We see a world that can be.
With age, battered by lies,
We see all it will never be.
Red Brush Jan 2019
It's quite strange but nice
How it's odd and precise.

You can gun with a gun,
And a run can long run.

And an 'S' can turn laughter
To nothing short of slaughter.

If you're hot, they will drool
But be warm, and stay cool.

Head off with your head up
Face it head on, so heads up!

It is a deep and rich mine
For all to mine, yet mine.
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