It's quite strange but nice
How it's odd and precise.

You can gun with a gun,
And a run can long run.

And an 'S' can turn laughter
To nothing short of slaughter.

If you're hot, they will drool
But be warm, and stay cool.

Head off with your head up
Face it head on, so heads up!

It is a deep and rich mine
For all to mine, yet mine.
The day from sunrise
Cuts sharply with light.

The night in dark guise
Hides all from the sight.

Between them but lies
The gilded lie, twilight.
Red Brush Dec 2018
Clumsy fingertips
Tremble in the dark.
Quivering, our lips
Kiss each birthmark.
Each firmly grips,
Passion's bright spark.
Night's youthful slips,
Memories deep mark.
Those moments that etched memories sweet...
Red Brush Dec 2018
What's fair, and also true?
Nothing; Truth brings us sight.
In the dark, stay me and you;
All we dream, vanish in the light.
Red Brush Dec 2018
The masks I wear
Hold well in place.
To wear them fair
I shed my face.
Red Brush Dec 2018
Love, should you choose it,
Grants a slight choice.

Give up your self to keep it,
Or raise, in contest, your voice.

To choose, one must patient sit,
Chosen, at love's court of joys.

But in favor of truths, let's admit,
Some will never be love's choice.
Red Brush Dec 2018
Your tears, love, I'll trade you
For my smiles, if you permit.
I'll now and forever let you
Break my heart, if you keep it.
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