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TC Jul 2020
As many are the birds
Filling the air of spring.
Labeled broken

Wolves silently seeking
The perfect pact
As one they relish over
A ****** feast mom
  Jun 2020 TC
Home is not the doorstep, not the porch, not the swing, it is not the ceiling and it is not a thing

Home is seeing your sisters empowered,
your parents at ease, your brothers relieved, your demons decieved

Home is a genuine smile, it is the authentic tears

Home is the magical word that can **** your fears

Home is a feeling embedded with layers of love, acceptance and peace
Home is a feeling.
TC Jun 2020
As your eyes scan each branch,
From seeds sewn past;
Cryptic ambition,
Noticed with just a glance...

Forest green plaguing each limb,
Beyond the glance,
You peer;
Are the roots clinging;
Destined to disappear...
TC Jun 2020
Footsteps becoming heavy,
Approaching the Gallows Wood;
Like the sacrificial cross,
Of where Jesus once stood..

Memories fading,
Like an echoes end;
Unable to face,
All the things you've been..

Destiny or fate,
Still a destination of which you're late..
Evolution of a creation,
No more than a mistake..

Decades of holding back,
A soul now drowned from choked down tears;

Standing before the Gallows Wood,
A faint smile,
Now replaces your fears...
TC Jun 2020
As you sit back and look,
Try to add it all up;
The unshed tears among your disarray.
Dripping water gone undisturbed,
All the screams that went unheard
Your memories eye's,
Even turn away.

Imploding air as you sigh,
Buning bridges from past goodbyes
Unchartered waters like tidal waves
The many layers as to why
Still determined not to cry
As they force their way, upon this page
Your memories eyes
Still turned away.

With the ink still not dry
Your words of meaning cannot hide
What your memories eyes
Can't bare to take.
Visuals of the mind sometimes seem clearer than with your actual eyes.
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