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A black bird emerged from the top of her chest and flew away. It carried with it all the shadows she held so dear.

A blue bird followed. Lingering for a moment then turned skyward and away it flew.

A gray bird then struggled to be set free. She clutched at it, but the bird found its strength and left her too.

A red bird emerged, crimson .
Dark, vibrant, wild.

She waited for it to take flight, like the others, but it dug it's talons into her skin and let out a long piercing cry.

It was here to stay.
If what you need is someone to pull you forward, I'm here.

If what you need is someone to catch you when you fall backward, I'm here.

If what you need is someone right next to you to hold your hand, I'm here.

If what you need is to rest, then rest darling. I'll carry you.

If what you need is to run. Then run. I'll wait right here for you if you come back.

If what you need isn't me. Then leave, but promise me that you will find happiness.
Surrounded by fairytales of harrowing journeys and happy endings.

Where mice turn to magnificent steeds and pumpkins into glorious carriages.

Where slippers made of glass and gowns made of stardust enchant the night.

Where the wicked falter and the pure of heart triumph.

I cant live in such a world.
I need that darkness once in a while.

Happy ever after not into the sunset but into the dark and gloomy woods.
There are a million reasons why
Why i want to be yours

There are a million reasons why
Why I loose myself to you

There are a million reasons why
Why I miss you

There are a million reasons why
Why my heart is built around yours

There is only one reason why
Why I love you... Because you are you. And that is enough for me.

Words you say etch themselves into my skin.

They devour every inch of me.

Don't stop.
I am your mirror my darling
You project on me your very self

I don't mind
I just hope it helps you see yourself

I'll become what you want me to be.
Your reflection

I don't care if you don't see me
But at least see yourself clearly
My boots are covered in mud from the trek we took down by the river.
I should really clean them, it's not proper to walk into work with them in such a state.
But I won't clean them.
I need proof.
It wasn't a dream, it really happened.
We were there, even just for a time being.
Each scratch will remind me of the steps we took
The mud caked to my heels will tell the story of how I couldn't stop laughing
The worn sole will be testament to how you fixed mine
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