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Zero Nine Nov 2017
Must have been the end of a delightful dream
Had my fingers around a power leak
******* up the light when I came to,
loosening my grip on a can of beans
68 cents, tacos on demand
counted the change pushing
through my pockets and
leaking through the seams
In a life like this I wish it
was considered decent to
decide for death even with
in proper company,
but only sometimes.
sip slip away
Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
No response...
502 bad gateway
or hint to get away
Devin Ortiz Nov 2016
A grand gateway, reaches
Towards heaven, burrowing
Into hell itself, resides in ridicule
To an immortal being, in mortal flesh

Nightmares are cocktails for truth
Incantations to shatter bones into keys
Padlocked manipulation and deceit
Failed attempts echo in magnitudes

Both sinister ploys and moments of joy
Ripple into cracks, teasing of another side
A truth for the ancients, beings without moral
Fathomless worlds of nuetrality and power

If ever for a moment, and not a moment more
These shockwaves of the mind come shattering
Blowing down this door, screaming rage and ruin
Then I will be free, of the chains which bind me.
Peninsula Sep 2016

God can convert my valley of trouble
into an unstoppable gateway of Hope!
With gladness and joy, I still know
that He gives me strength to cope…

with the issues of the current day.
By the grace of God, I’ve been saved;
therefore, I’ve been set free from
the sin that draws me to the grave

and claims my interim, dust covering.
Quenching the dryness of my existence,
Christ’s grace allowed me to succumb
to the pressure of Faith’s insistence.

My heart was pierced with His Truth,
causing my spirit to gain its sight;
now I’m eternally grateful with joy,
having been brought His direct Light!
Author notes

Inspired by:
Hos 2:15; John 3:16-17; Jer 29:11-13

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2015, All rights reserved.
mk May 2015
I can see my future
you can see my past
you’re giving me the answers
I’m falling fast
window to the soul
gateway to my world
I’m losing myself
you can see for yourself
my walls are tearing down
my heads spinning round
your gaze is strong
you can do no wrong
see my every sin
see where I’ve been
I can’t hide now
I don’t know how
you asked me who I was
but this stare is enough
for you to know who I am
& who I was
for you to know
that I am in love
// mahogany brown and so full of hope, your eyes have claimed my soul //
reisedvngill Apr 2015
Dear jetliner,
take me away from the pain,
take me to a whole new world for awhile -
because I ain't running,
I just need a weekend off.
Where I can breathe,
and stop swallowing my pride.
Too much to handle,
too much at once
Christian Bixler Apr 2015
Once, there was a wind, and in its
swirling, spinning path it touched
many things. Trees bent in sway to
the rising gale, flowers bowed by a
passing sigh, leaves pulled from their
rest, to sway and dance in the lifting
wind, high into the moving air, while
trees that before were clad, now are bare.
Stark and naked. as the wind falls, two trees
move to the winds desire, and swaying
catch, and swaying hold, branches linked.
A gateway to nothingness, to which all things
go in time, dust on the wind.
Raven May 2014
Two children are sitting together outside

Their young souls have not been penetrated by the darkness of the world

The girl looks shyly at the boy

She is telling him a secret with her soft, dew-filled eyes

They lean their heads closer as if they are magnets attracted

For the first time

Their lips meet

It is filled with curiosity and youth

They have not grown enough to know what passion is

It is a soft kiss, a sweet, innocent kiss

Not yet ruined by the flames of desire

They pull away

And innocence flees
Tatsuke Uchiha Mar 2014
There's just something about them.
I love gazing into peoples eyes.
The eyes of those I love.
Those who I am intimate with.
They are the gateway to the soul,
To the core of an individual.
You can see through their eyes,
The love, The pain,
The passion, The devotion,
The struggles, The triumphs,
That is kept hidden within.
You may be the best actress or actor,
But when looked straight in the eyes,
You become defenseless.
Your eyes renders your mind useless, it betrays the mind.
They show the truth that lies beneath all the skin and bones.
A soft and naive soul who does not want to be harmed.
A soul too scared to show its true colours to the world,
Scared that it will be rejected, ignored, misunderstood.
A battered soul that hides within.
A soul who has become so strong through all the struggles.
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