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Xallan Jan 2019
They two laid on the couch
Entwined in lovers' embrace
But neither did their fingers cling
Nor their lips brush,
For this was not the love of romantics
But of base creatures, humans
Symbiote to symbiote.
In love with Gwen Stacy
When in stasis

Cannot let go of the old neighborhood charm until?

In love with Mary Jane
                  When the mind takes off*

Now, I become the hero Spiderman yet a problem?

     * *She leaves, no Mary Jane
                        And the symbiote, VENOM

Comes along in angry mind of the hero spurned?

Stuck in webs
anger as Man
         Hero no words

Comes along in angry mind of the hero spurned?

I want to do something widcha'
something makes her mad
I want to do something widcha'
something makes him Mad.

I want to do something widcha'
some thing? *

Brandon Conway Sep 2018
Squalid off-white cube
fluorescent buzzing hue
water stained tiles
tribulation from digital files

dilapidated symbiote
invisible hungry parasite
optimism capsized in the abyss
tedium tongue french kiss

five hours a month
forest bathing in the sun
a cure they say
nature is a gateway

shambling down trails
languid gait sails
fractal patterns surround
tweets in background

head starts to clear
wondrous frontier
five hours a month
soaking in the sun

not enough time
to melt away grime
five hours a week
leaves a happier physique

summer sea breeze
rolling over unease
basking in the heat
leaving is so so bittersweet

return to human farm
pray for fire alarm
nature is a gateway
natures my getaway
Xan Abyss Jul 2016
Killer since childhood, wicked since birth
An alien in my own skin
Prisoner kept in a filthy cage
Rotting in a cell within

But then salvation came at last
In a suit of sentient slime
Devastation like a nuclear blast
And now it is my time

Demon God... to me you belong
I am strong... with the power of Chthon....

Don't go making deals with demons
If you're unprepared to pay
The Price
is always human life...
With no hope of escape

Dont you see?
Nobody can trick me
You should have just stayed away
cuz Now you're toying with the power of hell
And The Devil himself wants to play

Drunk on power and high on life, as the prophecy foretold
Your psychopathy and mine entwined
With the might of the Darkhold
Set off on a gruesome course
In blood I'll find my fame
The world will know through use of force
That Carnage is my name

**** of the earth and bane of the stars
Society made me decay behind bars
Until, what dark sorcery be this?
Symbiotic Synthesis

Savior of the Reptile Cult
Every fight is a full-scale assault
Black Magic Grimoire, Messiah of War
I am the reaper of souls
A song for Cletus Kasady.

— The End —