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Aleph Oct 2019
Even if from a distance confined
Realisation of the greatest respect
By life’s volatility remaining aside
Still craving to protect

Understand for a fact
That even if a worst fortune
Prevented me to act
And accede to no more importune

Despite lying on the ground
No longer dwelling in the trails
Words unable be found
Prevented to share tales 

Veiled in the dark of night
My gaze no longer hunts yours
Eyes not reacting to light
My affection still endures
Wind forever forsaking my lungs
Heart that have no more hours
The words shorten in our tongues

 When I alone await in the tomb
For the cycle to be complete
 Returning to the womb
Making this life obsolete  

 Still aspiring to be your knight
 When life no longer allow
Quiet and resolute I will fight
  To fulfil my silent vow

Hear my lonely plight
Angel in all your shine
Help me with my regard
Complete my vision
Always in her guard
Replace me in my mission
some feelings dispense definitions, there are a lot of ways to care
some are  so strong that go beyond time, beyond space beyond egoism
Aleph Apr 2019
The bodies clash looking for deeper meanings
the urge to sink the deep void in the chest
swiftly drowning all the dim feelings
the bodies cry now in protest
ravenously fulfilling the extreme hunger for affection
finally soothing the eager for the flesh
During the singularity perception
After the shared exulted mesh

With an unspoken blast
a single hiatus of light has escaped
life’s little magic was cast
and a new life was shaped

despite the immense recurrence of the process
and all data hoarded
we are forced to confess
that nowhere is it recorded
or was someone able to find  
a solution that in the essence
explain the Magic behind
the simple fact of coming to existence

I remember seeing you for the first time
the early picture on the screen
your heart beat an echo in the machine
an embryo so minute and sublime
a small seed that sprouted inside

I could sense you emerging
you become an entity
These overwhelming feeling
This moment will be my eternity
Bringing happy tears to my eyes
and out of no place you arise

I want to communicate
Because of this complicity
Hear me without restraint
Now there survive no privacy
Now I’m incapable of lying
there is no secrecy

You will arrive in all your fury
Bringing hope, dreams in to my life
You bring sequence to my story
Carve your future with your knife
Write the tale in all its glory

I will be honest and say
You will grow to become your own conscience
Mature to take your own decisions
Responsible for every consequence
Trying to achieve you visions

Allow yourself to choose your own path
None of the seers can prove to know the truth
no one remembers the aftermath
enjoy the time of your youth

Only you may discover a Purpose
that’s for you to find
and that the problem at is substance
contemplate it with your own mind

Heed me when I  say
Always pay attention to life details
There will come a grim day
When the wind will leave your sails
And you my loved one will move away

Face your demise without regret
Own your destiny
May authentic be your epithet
Don’t forget your identity

I helped creating live in you
Immortality will flow now from you to me
And one day when you’re grown
There is a chance you may
Create a little magic of your own
thinking about legacy and perpetuity at a human level, the message and legacy for my decedents
Aleph Apr 2019
The barren   landscape sends me shivers
Further enhanced by the total obliteration
The presence of ghosts still lingers
So many years after the detonation

All this desolation pictures
Like a scene from the apocalypse scriptures
A pale nuclear shadow projected eternally
The perpetual loss of harmony

A remnant showing us our absurdity
Was vaporised by the obfuscating bright
The ashen picture is the last goodbye
Relic of the tremendous light
My moods darken I want to cry

This is the last trace of a human being
a son of someone
prevented from further ageing
That from fate couldn’t run

Like a permanent echo of the disaster
a visual silent scream
like a photograph of a dreadful dream
a shout that sends a warning to us all

As we wish to forget how the balance is frail
It’s easy to disregard the detail
and be united by the same fate
that destruction at an even greater scale
it’s yet a threat  not out of date
pictures of Hiroshima darkened my mood, the nuclear shadow pic, made me gloomy, some words of respect and warning echoed inside
Aleph Mar 2019
Welcome to this brave new world
no longer needing reality
into this new existence you’re hurled
we will replace everything with fantasy
you would like to live beyond your senses,
to transcend mortality

Embrace the illusion,
Existence vaporises itself
spreading the confusion
It  has its breaches its glitches,
but you want to be fooled
you want somebody to flip the switches
you want to be ruled

live in anonymity to avoid consequences
Project the right fictional life of pretences
Embrace life in the simulation
Reality is to plain and you are too trivial
Avoid the frustration
Swiftly avoid the material

Reconstruct your existence the way you always sought
Fill the void inside,
To the old you give no more thought
your  former has  died
destroy the absence drifting within
You new life will fast begin

Remake yourself to cast the divinity
you always craved to be  
indulge all the sins you hunger secretly
as a slave of the deception
you will finally feel free
close you eyes and allow yourself to drift
it will not take long now
Uploading complete...
Hurry hurry step right up!!! Everyone is a winner , don't change yourself change reality
Aleph Mar 2019
Sun rays touch my soul

reflecting the warm glow

Time stretches on the cliff edge

Reality dramatically expands

Hovering indefinitely

to the abyss draw inevitably

I want to repair the smile

To feel the euphoria again

It has been a while

From this I shouldn’t refrain

no action left in the brain

Completely in free fall

Not frighten to do it all

The wind going over me

Recharging my energy

Finally feeling the glee

Freed from the lethargy

I feel freedom roar

I hear myself scream

Nothing will stay as before

Levitating like in a dream

Abruptly everything stops

I feel peace and tranquillity

I can sense the silence of the clocks

listen to the trumpets of liberty

I can see myself

broken laying in the ground

like a book cast from the shelf

to this body no more bound

all this ink pouring from my veins

forever free from my chains

no more pages to fill

finally, my heart stood still
Aleph Mar 2019
Please ignore my foolish pride
I would chose not to hide
How I hate to wear this mask
If only I wasn’t so afraid to ask
I would chose not to trick
And present you my true speak

How I wish to show my true nature
How I hope to show my raw soul
And to you display the real creature
All my substance as a whole

I desire to be me more bluntly,
To be me in every event
Without concessions without being frightened
I aspire to be honest with me and you
I desire to be seem by another
Beyond this distorted mirror image
Projected to hide myself.

But instead of this
In my cowardice
I wear this glittering mask for you
And a myriad  more for others
Always replacing the previous by the latest
Discarding the empty disguise

Aspiring to be the object of desire for you and to the rest
Enchanting you and them with my dazzling superficial illusion  
With my mundane and trivial artifice,
Full of shinning nothingness

Don’t be fooled by my  art
All my endurance is contrived
Don’t be misled by my composed carapace
Behind my foam facade
Lies  a turbulent stream of violence
Can’t you distinguish?
Squeezed by the compressing margins  
In my core there lays hurt and anguish

I plead with you to see me beyond my illusion
There are some many disguises inside the confusion.
And you will not distinguish  my true me
I crave to be ultimately free

How I yearn to pull this mask,
And peel away my fake camouflaged skin
And show everybody my emotional scars my imperfections
All this fear of rejection

When every neighbouring glass ceiling  starts to fall
I want to be on the outside
Naked, nothing to hide
Shameless to show it to all  

Without consequence assuming who I’m
In plenitude in a unyielding way
But I can’t count on me for this, my will is frail
Nonetheless you my friend must prevail

And so incapable of performing this worthy task,
I relay on you
To rip away my mask
Allowing  to see me trough

Accept me with my flaws
I will gratefully receive yours
Tear my mask with your claws
Heal my soul were it sours

Freed me of my emptiness
See me for who I’m
Fill me with wholeness
Trough away this hologram
looking to define myself

— The End —