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Richard Jul 2018
It has already died inside of you,
the feeling you had,
the voice whispering pretty words,
little dwarf inside your head,
he got depressed, he's anxious, your inner voice died inside of itself.
And you are running through the people, trying to reach dwarf inside of the stranger,
once you reach the other's dwarf, soon you find out, that's what you needed, dwarf's help. And you keep worrying about the dwarf who keeps yours safe, and eventually that's you who suffer the most, as it's not the dwarf who is dying now.
You should give the meaning to it as you feel it
Richard Jul 2018
Used to have nothing,
got into his hands the opportunity,
wanted it so desperately,
he also looked desperate.
Now why should only we fight?
Let the other side of your dream,
let it to move towards you as much as YOU move towards it. Both ways either cross or not. If not, well ... The end.
???***dreams are people***???
  Sep 2017 Richard
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I suppose it's better that way.
User cannot be found.
So I wouldn't try to say "Hey"
User cannot be found.
A hole grows larger in my heart.
User cannot be found.
This is absolutely tearing me apart.
User cannot be found.
I'm sustained by the memories I keep.
User cannot be found.
And by the dreams that haunt me in my sleep.
User cannot be found.
I hope you're doing alright.
User cannot be found.
And that someone is appreciating you, holding you tight.
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If you all enjoyed this one, I urge you guys to check out my other poetry, as this one to myself is good but I'm much more proud of some of my others. Thank you all so much for your support and kind words. Glad you all could relate as I just wrote how I felt.
Richard Sep 2017
Can you express me,
can you describe me,
can you define me


She's a gift from the heaven,
wanted in hell same as here,
there is always only one,
the one.

You need to respect her,
she's going to give you back twice.
Don't be an *******,
she's going to give you back twice.
Well, love your girl! Cause she's everything you've got. Without her you are nothing. Trust me.
Richard Sep 2017
It'd been said to me,
'You have to die,..',
so I did.
I was resurrected from the ashes,
all by myself,
scooped the remaining,
safely closed.
Now I carry it everywhere,
to remember it,
to be me,
to have your words.
What I actually shouldn't be doing
Richard Sep 2017
Kneel or stand in a crowd,
sweat and extrude surrounded by the vessels,
hearing their praise, woes, yearnings.
Seeing humans being so supple,
the behavior being determined,
and thoughts being modifiable.
Their faces are masks for long ago programmed machines.
Realizing all of it you begin to scan,
investigate and read their program.

Finding some of the others doing the same,
the leaders and the significant ones,
you must let them know you are just another slave,
show them their power but your potential for them too.
As you become harmless in their eyes,
you achieve time to study them too.

Once you are ready,
once you speak the language of programs,
you need to rewrite all of them.
Slowly and wisely,
collisions are still possible if you are not cautious.
As you finally control the web of people,
don't forget you are also just a pre-programmed machine,
don't stop scanning the surrounding
else you became just another victim of pride and ego.
Cause others may be tricky,
you are not the only one who is sensible.
Nothing lasts forever,
keep and guard what you already got,
don't stop haunting.

The road is so reckless,
you need to assimilate.
As you see profanity, abuse,
it won't be the taboo for you.
Don't be blind!
The road is so far,
ending on a cliff.
The whole horizon is crowded,
you're standing high seeing hordes of people,
millions of followers.
Enjoy the dominance.
Sheep worshiping you, fanatically obeying,
your slaves, the army ruled by you.
Don't let the stupidity and naivety master you then,
your kingdom is not you, they are.
You know it but they don't,
so I dare you to not let them find it out.

Life is a net of choices,
so make a decision as a spider, not as a moth.
Ultimately the spider devours the moths.
I still work on it.
Richard Aug 2017
It seems impossible to lie,
in the dark night,
in the silent room.
There is no distraction for my mind,
there is nothing to stop me from thinking.
The moment before I go to sleep,
the moment is the cage,
thinking about all of it.
What I used to have,
what I have.
All of you can imagine is a bit,
but suffering is a not just a bit you see,
the torture made on me every night,
it's just gargantuan.
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