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Wyan mind Aug 2019
Life is a paradox it's a mirror of confusion,

Present to the paradox  
Of a thousand conflicting truths
I inhale with a smile,
As life is a paradox,
It is a mirror too all its confusion.

People have hated themselves
because of their imperfections;
yet, will often love others
because of theirs.
I inhale with a smile,
As life is a paradoxs,
It is a mirror too all its confusion.

If everything right is wrong, go left, if everything left is wrong, go right,
You can't stay in the middle.
I inhale with a smile,
As life is a paradoxs,
It is a mirror too all its confusion.

Read me enough times
A paradox you will find
Hidden in plain sight,
I inhale with a smile,
As life is a paradoxs,
It is a mirror too all its confusion.
Wyan mind Aug 2019
Her appearance will change..
But her eyes will forever be beautiful..
Her body will grow..
But her soul will forever be beautiful..

To fall across paths with you
Was a blessing
A underlying beauty
Like no other..

Her soul was bright..
It could shine all darkness away.
Her eyes just glowed,
A flicker of light in the sky

She was just perfect,
An underlying beauty
Like no other..

1st August 2019
Wyan mind Jul 2019
Today I watch a boat leave a dead dog by the side of the river.. little did I know as I would arrive home to a text from the most beautiful woman my eyes could ever see..
A beauty that never had appearance in mind..  a beauty oh so real it made my heart skip multiple beats..
As my mind read the first couple words in her sweet but beautiful voice my heart simple dropped as I realise the dog that was dumped on the side of the river was that very text right before my eyes..
We couldn't here who we fall and feel connect too..
I keep seeing my future with her smiles cuddling me into a world of love and harmony.. I keep seeing her lips come close and drift apart.. little did I know...
That death dog was my warning sign..

I still see me and her getting together.. the butterflies go while in my stomach whenever she flys to mind...

Little did I know..
That death dog was my working sign.
Another day another dollar
Wyan mind Jul 2019
Is it just me,
Do you feel that too ?
Situation is horrible
But is it ment to be true?

I know I appreciate you
I feel you appreciate me to
The worlds is like a playground
All for me and you.
To run free

Time is a never an issue,
When its just me and you,
I kinda feel this connect.
Don't you feel it too ?

Words can speak many wonders
Action follow too.
When I really think about it..
I kinda wanna get to know you.

Nature queen, with a hit of a little more,
As beautiful as the song
of reggae she plays
I somethings come home and relisten.

To take my mind to you.
Just for a few,
I would do many things
Stopping my craving for kinda liking you .
Wyan mind Jul 2019
When words fail you
silence smothers you
fears surround you
you borrow inside yourself

Just Remember
I am
Here for you.

When times break you
Routine boards you
Sorrow takes you
You blamed yourself

Just Remember
I am,
Here for you.

When the days seem
And your smile seem everlasting
Eyes as wide as could ever be.

Just remember
I am,
Here with you.
Wyan mind Nov 2017
A boys Greatest Wish

I want to die,
and leave this bad world behind.
however i am no man to take the jump.
if i leave for a better place,
what would make me different.
What would make me stand out from
everybody else.

you see i crave for dead
a wish that could never be.
i am soon to be a father
a child that will need me.

The word "need" is what feeds me
the willpower to keep going.
to put on that fake smile to make
everybody think that i am the one,
who can pull throught this war.

A war that will keep counting its
deaths. a war that we cannot stop.
i want to die, but if i die i would be nomore
than a unmarked grave.

A Forgotten Sole

Ryan Devery
Wyan mind Nov 2017
You send shivers down my spine when you walk in,
Cause the butterflies to flutter like mad.
When you look in my eyes,
You burn right through me.
You are the sunshine when my skies are clouded,
The light when I can't find the good in the world.

I could be all that you need,
You are all that I want.
My stomach knots when you are next to me,
You make me nervous and giddy.

I smile at the thought of you,
Quake in your presence.
You have all control over me,
And you don't even know it.
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