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E McNamara Mar 2018
The ocean spray of salt
The everlasting sounds of waves
The sand, a locked vault
The tide, an unforgiving grave

The sun rises at the edge
The memories so celestial
I take my loyal pledge
My heart a sailing vessel

Sea shells, colorful in sound
Sea life, beautiful in sight
A dream I’ve finally found
The sunset, a hypnotizing light

The airborne seagulls calling me to sink
The surf alluring a magical peace
My endeavors start to shrink
The stars turn to be my timepiece
Gabriel burnS Aug 2017
Put some stress on those legs
Not a dress that begs
My permission for takeoff
caught the wave... are we high; are we there yet?
Mary Elizabeth Apr 2014
I know fear

The kind that boils in your gut

The kind that rages like a mutt

The kind that staples your lips shut

When your brother calls and says that the jump didn't go well

That a 35 mile per hour gust plummeted into him 'til he fell

82nd Airborne Paratrooper landed ******* the dirt

He'll never admit to how badly he's hurt

But I've known him eighteen years and my stomach dropped

When he told me his chute drug him a quarter mile before it stopped

Unconsciousness took over immediately upon impact

Blacked out while being pulled, his face scraped the ground in contact

Rushed to the Medic by a battle buddy

And I understand fear

The kind that turns thoughts muddy

Fear that grips

Fear that quakes

Fear that trembles through me as my whole world shakes

I know fear

But I also know

The strength of a soldier

And his duty to 'go'.
God bless our troops.

— The End —