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Oct 2015
yesterday, we met again.

you looked slightly different. your beard has grown, and your hair has turned slightly grey.
i told you how good you looked but you didn't believe me.
you told me how much i've also changed since we last saw each other.
i told you that i wanted to try something new, but not that it was my insecurities that made me change myself.

i told you how much i miss your stories and that i still have our book with your notes written in it.
you told me that you don't miss my obnoxious personality and my pretentious opinions.
we laughed and talked about our short time.

you made a comment about the things that could never be.
i laughed and asked you how she's doing.
i listened to you talk about your girlfriend, who is now your fiancee.
i would like to say i was prepared for it, but i can never get used to the way you speak about her.

i know you love her more than anything. i know i never meant anything to you. and even if i did, we just weren't meant to be. but knowing these things doesn't make them hurt less, even after all these years.
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