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in my head
i know what to say

but then
i sit next to you
look into your eyes

and the words
won't come out
of my mouth.

i'm speechless.
part 6
Ashley 4d
stupid girl
soon no one will be left
but it doesn’t really matter anyways
when it felt like no one was there
in the first place
mjad 4d
Skrt skrt comes the bike
Of the boy that i like
But we aren't dating
We just kiss and ****
So wish me luck
Trying to avoid all the feelings
it's funny, isn't it?
how our heart always wants
it can't have.

that we do
stupid things
when we're in love.

how much you can
miss a person
who isn't even yours.

how we're scared about
losing someone
who isn't even ours.

it's funny, isn't it?
part 5

Lonely ,
Depression ,
Anxiety ,
Overthinking ,
One of the worse one
Is out inner bully
No matter how much
We fight for ourselves
Our inner bully
Will do over it takes
To destroy us

But you , my inner bully
You may have got me
But soon you won’t
when silence abandons it
the pain held in captivity
escapes from confinement
all over the body
it crushes him from inside
just like serrated wheels
and the body becomes drunk
from so much suffering
it is the moment from which
the hours are not equal anymore
from your lips
you kindly drop a smile
while falling
it draws feelings
I pick it up
and press it against my lips
then I give it back to you
so you do not seem sad
i build myself
a dream world
just to be
with you

and i like this
version of us
so much more

that i sometimes
forget that it's
not real

that we're not

that you don't
love me

that it's just me and my
part 4
AS- 5d
I want to be on the sunrise high at the skyline
i want to be comfortable alone in my time
sky time why time
im floating roaming and zoning
fully rowing
my boat down the stream
cbd thc and clonazepam
thoughts quietly racing im silenty pacing
tasteful smoke freestyle on a techniclour kudasai
dont ask my why dont ask me to try
dont ask me' to walk when i can fly
floaty dont want to overdo it or overdosy
just wanna be cosy
we're all void fillers
void killers
lonely poetry
hidden masks on my face i dont divulge or they'll know its me
analyse the dirt and you will find the gems in these lines
the gems i had to go through alot to find
i had to mine
chip away at my old self
and yeah i am not back to my old health
and i got me some more wealth
bandaid on my poor self
money isn't happiness word to marley

nostalgia for things ive never had
it makes me sad
maybe some company by the skyline,
we can be poor we dont need wealth
lets be happy
thats a dream
maybe it doesnt exist
ill give it a hit
or maybe a miss
or maybe a kiss
not stall gear
stalling on the lonely road im on
im in a different space
maybe its trauma maybe its more ah
maybe its coz im a may baby and im way crazy
but i dont believe in the star sign *******
i know theres cosmic energies
i know theres an upper entity
thank you god

have you ever felt things you can describe
cant believe and cant deny
cant trust and cant part with eith-
our souls travel around, i dream when im awake the white tablet spaceship take me away
It's like an ache.
Or a burning. All through my chest.
Teeth clenched. Muscles tight. Brain awake.
The thoughts are brimming, at the top of my mouth.
A metallic taste, the taste of blood.
Eyes narrow, brows furrowed, Nose crinkled.
This is the emotions we aren't allowed to show.

Alone in my room, music loud.
A beastly noise, my throat howled.
A scream creeping from my lungs.
The soft sound of the air slung,
From my lips sweet and soft.
A cackling growing from a cough,
deep within the darkest part of my soul.
It's just another part of being human,
of being whole.
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