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Brent Kincaid Feb 2016
He’s like a ham actor
Who has only one goal
To see himself in
The starring role.
Talent doesn’t matter
As long as he is zealous.
If he bombs it’s because
Everyone else is jealous.

He goes flap, flap his yap
But be careful, it’s a trap.
He loves to holler up a storm.
But has no talent to perform.

He thinks he is a superstar
Just waiting to be crowned.
Others say behind his back
He’s nothing but a clown.
All he needs is a big red nose
And he’s working ******* that.
He thinks he’s the big ****,
But really, he’s just a pratt.

He goes moan, moan and groan
But leave him totally alone
And while he swears he is fine
He will fail to remember his lines.

All the world is a stage, it’s true
So politics is like theater, too.
And this poor clown with big feet
Tries to deliver his speeches sweet
But his lies trip him in the last scene.
He ends up looking false and mean.

He lies and lies his lullabies
And tries to act so famously wise.
But he only fools the less than bright.
The rest know he’s just not right.
Alan S Bailey Jan 2016
I am the cleanest, most thoughtful
Most caring one around that I know
Not giving one selfish desire my time,
Only hard working, dedicated and here
To be there to keep things in line,
So feel free to give me extra criticism,
To make me "walk on egg shells,"
I try so hard, I'm just so poor,
But who cares, I'm the worst because
Of some stupid argument at a door.
WARNING: this poem is REAL content. Yea, a rant poem. Won't get more than 20-50 views...but at least I'm writing down "the bones," what's actually on my mind, instead of what phony material OTHERS want to read.
Seán Mac Falls Oct 2015
Newbie to this lathe
Don't wince at expositions
See lame gits as dust
Does anyone have a weird
Message from time to time.
About people reading there profile .
And leaving an email address.
saying that they are a perfect match
For this person profile
and there is no poetry.
So what is this all about.
Just thought I would alert you
DeadMan Mar 2015
Sometimes? You give in.
That anger finally wins.
That fire stops to hurt
and even feels great.
That all you can muster?
is hate for another.
Be someone else's mother
or a long since dead brother
even that guy who couldn't
keep it in his pants, and
the liars and the fakes,
the people? who only take.
Yes, sometimes?
That fire feels great.
I don't know why my phone put it as pant's not pants...
Desiree Jackson Mar 2015
I've made a lot of friends in the last two days it ****** him off so ******* bad but I don't give a **** what he thinks I'm my own person he ain't my dad or my mom so he can shut the **** up with his talking thanks if you are my friend
He is fake
He dealt in tissue paper reality
Layered upon layers of issues
Of Nothing at heart

As empty inside as the wind
That blew his papers apart

He wore his emptiness like a badge
Futility was his halo
A cold empty glow of nothingness

And as his tongue wagged
The sounds were unintelligible
And when he stopped his eyes
Beamed with approval .

While I wondered . . . pondered
Without disapproval
Simply dazed . . . amused
Wishing I wasn't there
One and Only Jan 2015
You swore,
You said,
We'd do it together,
So is this the end?
He asked you the same thing,
And you promised sure!
Did you not once think,
In my face you slammed a door?!
I trusted you,
I felt relaxed,
Then here comes a liar, a braggart a rogue,
To steal everyone who promised,
With whispers of gold.
My eyes finally opened,
The reality they see.
In politics, they will lie
While telling you you're free.
My right hand betrayed me,
And took everything I planned.
Be sure to watch your back,
You will die under MY hand.
Betrayal hurts and this was just brutal. MY wingman lied straight to my face and had the gall to tell me it was just a friendly match. A simple thing to get over. And every one of my teammates switched sides, I never thought that high school campaigns were as ***** as real politics. LIARS, CHEATERS, SWINDLERS!!!!!
NeroameeAlucard Dec 2014
So you text me thinking we can resolve our problem
I'm still bearing wounds but I thought we could solve them
What's wrong then? I genuinely thought you were there,
But clearly it seems like you don't care

I thought you had my back,
But obviously you didn't.
Loyalty is what you lacked.
Bottled up animosity was what was hidden

And that we're channeling into what is written
So here's what I'm spittin I'm through splittin hairs about our problem
If you need me reach out to me
Don't expect me to read your mind

I'm not some kind of saviour.
I was just trying to be your friend.
Don't expect me to tolerate rude behaviour.
My hand I won't continue to lend.
Co Written with my ***** midnight writer :) thanks love!

— The End —