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Desiree Jackson Jan 2017
As I lay in bed.
Head on my pillow
Eyes our closed.
I lay here and think is this really
What I want to do with my life?
Is there anything else I want to be?
Is this the real me?
Can't I be better?
I hurt everyone I love.
Everyone I love either dies or walks out.
I grew up with out a father and I barley had a mother.
Times like these are the hardest times.
Please help me.
I am dying inside.
Desiree Jackson Oct 2016
When i look in her eyes its like im looking into the beautiful dark night.
She completes me.
She has my heart.
I love her.
She don't notice how much she really means to me.
Her name is unmentioned.
She is called unknown.
She is my love.
And her name is tattooed crossed my heart..
She is my one and my only.
She is amazing.
She is unknown.
She is the sum that shines down she is the whisper in the wind.
She is my breath and my protection.
Tell me pretty lies
Don't forget to dot your I's
and cross your T's
Those little moves are such a tease
Don't you see
Your not fooling me
Your love is faker then my smile
and sweeter then your cup of tea
  Feb 2016 Desiree Jackson
feel my heart
beat beat-beat
beating faster as
our eyes lock

I feel a smooth, syrupy warmth building in my chest
and spreading through my body
as I gaze into your eyes

feel my heart
beating faster as
you take my breath away

Slowly, we close the gap between us
until our lips finally meet
and a slow flame burns bright in my veins

feel my heart
beating faster as
feather-light souls reach out and embrace*

We melt into each other, lost in passion
and the world around us vanishes
as our souls touch and we promise our love
  Oct 2015 Desiree Jackson
What is love?
Love is pain
Love is giving your all and getting nothing back
Love is the use of time on others who don't care
Love is waiting for someone to notice
Love is continuing to hold onto nothing hoping for something
Love is selfless
Love is brokenness
Love is conditional
Love is blind
love.... Love... LOVE...
But love...
Love is precious
Love is boundless
Love is the small things
Love is unmeasurable
Love is true
Love is constant
Love, real love, doesn't leave
Love may hurt, but it reminds us that we are still human
Love breaks, it bends, it molds, and it comes when we don't want it
...But love, Love is there
What is Love?
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