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Brent Kincaid Feb 2016
He’s like a ham actor
Who has only one goal
To see himself in
The starring role.
Talent doesn’t matter
As long as he is zealous.
If he bombs it’s because
Everyone else is jealous.

He goes flap, flap his yap
But be careful, it’s a trap.
He loves to holler up a storm.
But has no talent to perform.

He thinks he is a superstar
Just waiting to be crowned.
Others say behind his back
He’s nothing but a clown.
All he needs is a big red nose
And he’s working ******* that.
He thinks he’s the big ****,
But really, he’s just a pratt.

He goes moan, moan and groan
But leave him totally alone
And while he swears he is fine
He will fail to remember his lines.

All the world is a stage, it’s true
So politics is like theater, too.
And this poor clown with big feet
Tries to deliver his speeches sweet
But his lies trip him in the last scene.
He ends up looking false and mean.

He lies and lies his lullabies
And tries to act so famously wise.
But he only fools the less than bright.
The rest know he’s just not right.
Trinity Key Jan 2015
Baby we're broken and baby we're done.
We've had our good times and boy they were fun.
But now we must go on our separate ways
We both know, no love is left if one of us stays
So baby live your life and live it with a smile
Lets stop being fake and living in denial
We both made this choice and we both got to agree
That we both would stay friends and live happily
I'm not your Cinderella at least not anymore
You're not my Prince Charming who found a shoe on the floor
Baby this isn't Disney, life isn't like the cartoons
So lets not treat each other like mindless buffoons
Thank you for the effort and baby thank you for the time
Hugs, kisses and farewell this will be my last rhyme.

— The End —