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Van Xuan Mar 2019
A storm is brewing
Breathing here is exhausting
A surprise exam

No one is prepared
To accept a zero score
The end is failure

Clutching our loose hope
Bracing for a strong impact
Preparing the worst

Yet we face nothing
Only a booming laughter
It's all a big joke
I experience this once and surely I almost cried because of his bad joke
Shiv Pratap Pal Mar 2019
When I was Born
I had Knowledge
I had Talent
I had wisdom

Then I was sent to School
They taught something new
I gained some more knowledge

Then they asked me to wrote Exam
Then exams became a routine
Weekly, Monthly, Six Monthly and Annual

School became a transformer
It transformed itself from a School to
An Examination Conducting Machine

And then I became an Idiot
I also became a Duffer
Question is – "Who ruined Me?"
An Important Question. What is the purpose of education
Desire Feb 2019
Study hard, hours long
You're likely to succeed
'Cept college quizzes question you
on things you've never seen
Badshah Khan Feb 2019
BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

To our talented students and to all present, modern generations who they are promptly going about resolutely facing the direct examination for 10th +1, +2 and other educationals departments.

I heartily wish you all success and undoubtedly have you all bright future towards your ultimate dreams.

Perform properly your energetic work and realistically achieve your ambitious goals in your ultimate dreams and extensive examinations.

Don't concern how the direct result might typically end, just tries your personal best with your sincere active work. Never give up on your ultimate dreams and your academic success.

Never weaken your absolute confidence within you. Trust firmly in yourself and in your unique ability and in your self-confidence.

Insha Allah you will all succeed for sure. I sincerely wish you all splendid luck and best hopes.

I heartily pray to the Almighty that everyone will undoubtedly succeed. In their qualifying examinations and in their life dream achievement.

Insha Allah Khair.....Do your best. May The Creator be naturally with you through his Beloved Blessings.

Alllah Khair.....Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem.

Ummah Thurab - Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Angie Rai Feb 2019
The 'D' printed,
with the harsh corners of the-
Ariel in which I lay
on it's scar-branding curve.
I failed.
I should've revised better.
Haylin Feb 2019
what is a man-made education
getting a job,
not working in your field,
as that degree, hangs dusty on the wall, yet
we passed the class,
we made the grades,
we're smart, yet we keep ******* up...
you know it, I know it,
we all know it.
Haylin Jan 2019
I am studying.
I am dying from exams.
I should get some sleep.

Don's you just love exams?
I don't.
I hate it.
laura Jan 2019
You realize,
You have 2 more questions.
Your fingers are shaking,
As you click on those last few answers.
You are sweating like crazy,
Sweatshirt sleeves rolled up.
You click submit,
Trembling, you click view score.
You wait, and wait,
For the slow computer to load.
You take a quick glance at your score,
And you breathe a sigh of relief.
Thank goodness it’s over.
Pushing through midterm exam week.
When I share two or three days of the week to compose poetry I find myself on the
exam session when severe merciless teachers ask us to write about “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard!”
Elegies mostly are unprepared and never find time to turn to the appropriate types!
They ask me on and on...and I ask them in the consulting area that how can we turn my blossomy song to elegies unwritten about the parish of those people, long time ago had been lost exactly on the exam time?
How could you expect me to turn my naïve feeling to one of the catastrophic ones?
time is over
time is up
time is running
time flies
Teachers shout, “ HURRY UP” when will they shut up?
  I usually haunt by the bundle of words and circled with tumults of ideas as shining and variable as stars that like the savage river rush out to make me drowned. Very rarely I could find a way to breathe out. Elegies swirling randomly again and again to pose the question about whom shall we very soon defined, Mum?  
>...O darlings...<
…motionless corpse, wandering ghost, dead people around,
>.. not stars..<
>...O… no..<  
Is there anybody nowadays to think about the “Country Churchyard” and elegies very appropriate to them at all, what a destiny! what a force! while a long time ago they were bestowed to the grand history of all mankind.
Poor elegies remain unborn and sad in my thought…not forever…
they laugh…and laugh…I can hear them, time is over and I’m a failure.

The blank sheet is going to be filled by songs wearing the long red robe of emotional loves or lust…they are tired of black mourning cloth of demise!
they laugh
laugh and
I 'm a murderer…tapping with dirk ….or strangling with a heavy rope of my heart….bloodshed everywhere: drops from my fingers to the height.  shout, scream and cry, they were innocent,  don' t want to die.  I can hear them.
They are killed not to stay further in a cemetery of churchyard but to be born with a new style, either failure or corrupt…
"Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" is a poem by Thomas Gray, completed in 1750 and first published in 1751
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