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Alec Llaneta Mar 14
The callus of your hands knows the weight of labour
But we know the weight of your gentleness

The callus of your feet knows the many miles of travel
But we know it always returns home

The callus of your heart knows the spite of the world
But we know its love and its warmth

You grew up in need, but you gave us want

To the best father in the world

Happy Birthday!
Alec Llaneta Feb 10
If a poem was like scrabble
I would surely lose
With many letters to pick
But no words to choose  

A seven letter word doesn't sum up what I feel
All the points I rack up is not what I need  

Scrabble is game where everyone can play
A game of words, a game to slay
But not for me...

Seven letter words are not enough for me  
To form the words I want to say  

The patterns on, a scrabble board is what you ever see
Ever changing, ever ending, ever feeling
the emotions of me
Alec Llaneta Oct 2020
Time is to precious
My chances.. are abundant
But I take... my chances and time
On you
Alec Llaneta Oct 2020
When am tired
To rest my head on your lap
Sleep soundly with you watching over me
an angel  

When I cry
To do so on your chest
So that your heart my soak my tears
And use it to grow

When I love
To receive it back
To feel what other's felt
All these years
Alec Llaneta Mar 2020
I wish that you get better
I wish that whatever plaguing you be swift in its occupation
And light on its touch
That there be no after effects
Only ecstasy and bliss
Once the spell is lifted
Alec Llaneta Feb 2020
If this is loneliness
then its to have an ocean inside your head
but with no one to empty into
its to swim in its waters for hours on end
with no island in sight
floating, mindless with no destination in mind  
only to go with the flow

If this is loneliness
then its to be like atlas
immortal, in solitude forever enduring a great weight
oh how i wish for a hercules to build a pillar
to levee off this great burden
so i may stretch my shoulders  
and for once, say hi to the moon

If this is loneliness
then its ti know that silence
is the most deafening sound of all  
to sleep, to bathe, with no sound  but your own
with the knowledge and company of your mind and your soul

If this is loneliness
then its to befriend both sadness and joy  
one comes and the other go
but always never too long
sadness comes like the rain turns to storm
heavy, in angst, always going about swinging its huge tears
joy comes as the sun ray that pokes through the clouds
cheery, bright and a great sight to see for me
Alec Llaneta Jan 2020
You see, during my exams the only words I wrote
Is your name, etching onto paper
Like it did on my mind

I would have probably failed
Only after telling the examiner
Of you
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