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If this is loneliness
then its to have an ocean inside your head
but with no one to empty into
its to swim in its waters for hours on end
with no island in sight
floating, mindless with no destination in mind  
only to go with the flow

If this is loneliness
then its to be like atlas
immortal, in solitude forever enduring a great weight
oh how i wish for a hercules to build a pillar
to levee off this great burden
so i may stretch my shoulders  
and for once, say hi to the moon

If this is loneliness
then its ti know that silence
is the most deafening sound of all  
to sleep, to bathe, with no sound  but your own
with the knowledge and company of your mind and your soul

If this is loneliness
then its to befriend both sadness and joy  
one comes and the other go
but always never too long
sadness comes like the rain turns to storm
heavy, in angst, always going about swinging its huge tears
joy comes as the sun ray that pokes through the clouds
cheery, bright and a great sight to see for me
Alec Llaneta Jan 6
You see, during my exams the only words I write
Is your name, etching onto paper
Like it did on my mind

I would have probably failed
Only after telling the examiner
Of you
Alec Llaneta Dec 2019
Well this is

Smiling but wounded
Healing but the scars still sing
Of the past

That on quiet days....
There all I hear
Alec Llaneta Dec 2019
High hopes, high dreams
that i will never get to see
A future, a life
that was never meant to be

It hurts, it *****
just to let it go
A wish upon a shooting star
that comes... Then it goes

I wish to remember,
but all i do is forget
To get rid of all this misery
to get rid of all this regret  

My heart hunger for you
but my mind denies
So it eats other things
better things... Then your lies  

My days are sad
damp and cold
Missing you and
the warmth you behold

Yet, i trudge forward
shivering and in plight
Searching, and wondering
where is the light?
Alec Llaneta Nov 2019
The Prince, my Prince

Everyday you sought out an Atlas
And everyday he carried the eternal’s weight
If you call listening, carrying

1 of 12, 12 labours
Head to the ground, body stripped in apology
So that others may look to the stars

A debt owed, now a debt paid
A happy debt  

The Greek remembers with stories
The Roman remembers with dates
People dismiss him with smile and thanks
I don’t, I remember

Your heart, in stone, cracked
A kiss lasting a lifetime, a kiss for two

The Prince, my Prince

The Swallow, my Swallow

‘Will you not stay with me for one night, and be my messenger?’
‘Will you not stay with me one night longer?’
‘Will you not stay with me one night longer?’

‘Do as I command you’

And so everyday he took the place of Prometheus
Giving fire to humans
As giving light to those lost in this dark, dark world

Eurydice, Eurydice, my dear Eurydice, you went too soon
I sing this song, in hopes that the Gods look favorably on me  
Wish granted, time short, rain is all I see  

Time for a kiss, not kisses
Sweet, short, sorrowful

The Swallow, my Swallow
Alec Llaneta Aug 2019
For the longest time
no one has come to say goodbye
well wishes and farewells
were missed by shriveled ears

In the longest time
its the first i have been in a church
inappropriately lying down  
oh god please forgive me

Its the longest time
i had a rest, to lay still and contemplate
on the game i played my entire life
so busy winning pieces, so little to enjoy the game

Its the longest time
to be enveloped by darkness
light leaving quickly like the sunset
at the snap of my fingers, at the shut of the sun's eye
Alec Llaneta Aug 2019
I trusted you with many things
all except the thing you wanted
whole, untouched, something you felt missing  
a fire you stopped burning

it was your eagerness, to have one
that i begin to doubt
to question if it's truly right
to give, with all despite

after thinking long and hard
an answer came to me
in words not be spoken
it was never meant to be
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