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Rah-Rah Aug 2017
You are the light
In the darkest places in my mind

You are the breeze
on the back of my shoulders

You make minutes seem like the days
I would spend in bed all day waiting for the sun to guide me to the clouds

They told me I was beautiful...
But they were just programmed to say it

You. You told me.
And I belived every honest word that fell from your lips.

Because you taught me what it meant to love myself.
Just thoughts and ideas. I am trying to get better at the "show, don't tell" protion of creative writing. Any constructive criticism is welcome!
  Jul 2017 Rah-Rah
Michael J Simpson
is my
bane, my
dear, lover.
Restless night
syndrome, dark
and pitiless sleep
as the blood rushes
through my ears like
cascades, torrents of
floodwater crushing my
eardrums and deafening
me as I try to dream a
little dream to find
some solace and
comfort in an
old world I
used to

into a
void of
my own
making, I
clamber up
the stairs to
my dreamland
and dance with
your heart among
stars that refuse to
let their shine diminish,
and I will see you in
that void, the dark
and lonely rooms
that sit between
my happiness
and the love
that you

I am
and you
are mine and
mine alone and
together we will
conquer all that we
see, every speck of land
in every single dream we
dream, universes dancing
together, minds melded
as one, and even they
who cannot be but
jealous may look
on with those
green eyes,
we will be

But the
alcohol dims
the effect and I
find myself talking
to the walls as if they
really did have ears, but
we all know they are dead
things, dead as you are in my
head. Someday I might find
the talent to create some
creature as beautiful
as you look in my
dreams, but I am
unable to find
words to
Rah-Rah Jul 2017
The day we met I completely dismissed you.

I gave the idea no second chances.

You seemed like train wreck that I needed to fix
But I just didnt have the time.

Thats a common trend with me.
Not enough time...

It always ticks and ticks
and annoys and annoys
Like a needy dog that pesters you for attention...

Thats how you make me feel.
Any constructive criticism is welcome!
Rah-Rah Jul 2017
I remeber long nights
With your plaid button downs
Always with the first button undone
And your white T-Shirt underneath always brightend the hazel in your eyes

Memories of Germany danced on your lips
How I wanted to taste them...
The longing still holds on the end of my tongue

Car rides were always needed
But I never minded sharing them with you
Conversations of endless nothings and you didn't know I was falling hoplessly in love with you.

You may not have had the blue eyes I dreamed of as a little girl
But they looked to me like how I looked at shooting stars
The dead of night always ran through your hair as my mind ran circles around itself chasing those cosmic wonders

And there may not be a sequence to this poem
But thats how you made me feel
Out of order
Maybe a little out of place
But when I looked to you, you knew of all the wishes I spent on those shooting stars
This was written at 3:36 am while missing someone I missed a chance on. I am open to any constructive criticism! :)
Rah-Rah Jun 2017
It was of sticks and stones,
They shaped the words
That leave my breathless lips
And catch on the ends of your ears.

It was of moths and flames,
They guided my hopeful eyes
To the cracked sidewalks
That I would soon know as home.

It was of strings and tan paper,
They wrapped my heart
Like a present you didn't want to receive
But you accepted with a slim smile anyway.

It was of mist and fog,
That filled my clouded lungs
And drowned out my words
So they could never hang on the lobes of your ears.

But I like a mountain in the wind
Let you breeze past me,
The scent of warm blankets and hot rod cars
Passed with you

But your breeze whispered to me
At once the mist and fog cleared
And the moths receded from the flames
And the stones felt like mere pebbles
My first poem in a while please feel free to leave constructive criticism!
Rah-Rah Dec 2015
All my life I was taught
Feelings come and go
As the rain and wind do show.

All my life I was taught
I must stand in line,
That it must stay as sturdy as the Rhine.

All my life I was taught
Rules are to be followed
As birds walk on a tree that has been hollowed.

But must we believe
What we have been taught
For I have for so long thought that not?

Must we believe
What they all preach
Or become new like waves on a beach?

Must we believe
That they stoop so low
Or be individual like a river’s flow?

I now believe
That I must indeed
Find something that the world does so need.
A pretty simple poem I though up recently. I am open to any critiques that you have (ALSO GOES FOR ANY OF MY OTHER PEOMS)
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