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Elizabeth Zenk Dec 2018
the way to numb the pain.
love is the novocaine,
the laughing gas,
the painkillers.
the mind melters
it takes your greatest aches and lets them disintegrate.
once love leaves, it decimates.
it decimates
clever Jul 2018
i thrive in the hollow space between my lungs,
poison pumped through cold limbs,
colder so when you reach for me.
your blood on my hands mixes with the tears
on your face, and i don't feel anything but numb.
novocaine in my veins and contempt on my fingertips,
you hang on to every last piece of me that you can.
i dig broken fingernails into your hands and wait for you
to fall for the very last time.
alasia Mar 2017
when she says she is empty,
she is not asking to be filled.
stretch her thin and you will see
peeking through her worn body.
stretch her thin and you feel her
burning what you hold.
do not hold her.
when she says she is numb,
she is not asking to feel something.
do not wait out her novocaine
drooling down her chin.
do not wait out her novocaine
she is elated.
do not bring her down.
she is a bookmark holding someone else's place:
do not move her.
someone left her,
she does not know the other side:
that does not mean you show her.
someday she will be fire.
she will dry all that she has soaked with her
ravine heart.
you will follow her black markings to something
she will be followed.
do not be surprised when she does not moan,
she will not moan,
she does not feel.
she is still ice.
when she says she is ice
do not try to melt her.
she will be fire.
Sarah Nov 2016
shoot me full of Novocaine
enough so I can't feel this pain
sad, happy, you make the call
in fact, can I not feel at all?
grumpy thumb Oct 2015
Vision obscured by soft misty rain dampening harsh city lights
spilling slippery from storefronts and traffic train
shimmering upon pavements
between steps and stains.
soft misty rain
don't I know you?
Now here we are, what have we become?
Our world is not like it use to be... It's
Very messy now, and people not caring. What happen here?
Our world needs our help! What happen to this
Culture? We were suppose to be the dreamers
And  the creators, but wait!! It's not too late.
If* we start now, we could still save our world and maybe the
Next generation can do better; *learn from our mistakes.

Everyone: We're all in this together!!

*Together we can change our future!
Written on February 18th, 2015
©McNally, Inc.
Title and inspiration (as always) from Fall Out Boy
Just something I wrote tonight before I head off to bed.

— The End —