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Zero Nine Aug 2017
Lights talk with flashing
Lights sing with a low hum
I walk the pavement alone
with poor company, me
and only ever me

No voice, no fire,
no song
to sing
in signal

I can make smoke signals, though.
Watch how many cigarettes I can smoke.

It's how I
how I find
my friends

It's how I
do my best
to pretend
broken records make platinum
Alan S Bailey Nov 2016
They forget pain, forget sorrow,
Then live in the dark, pluck hairs,
For that perfect look of tomorrow,
They sick their dog on the poor, the immigrant,
The downtrodden, the scapegoated. They give no
Honest time to what the less fortunate have in store,
They continue to work themselves for many an hour,
Pick up where they left off happy and content,
That all who oppose them will lose any help
In bringing them down from their cloud of power,
Then they take whatever they were after, laugh,
Chop off any hand or cut off that which "offends,"
That stands in the way and slows them down,
They will get what they are after and be the
Most "handy helpers" helping themselves around.
Brent Kincaid Sep 2016
You go to church on Sunday
And then you've done your part.
Instead of saying “I hate that *****
You just say “Bless her heart.”
Monday starts the week anew
With dog-eat-dog intention.
Live and let live and the like
Seldom rates a mention.

Help the poor and needy
Doesn't pull too much weight
When measuring by dollar signs
To decide what is truly great.
The Bible verses get changed:
“Do unto others” is rewritten
To “Do what we can get by with.”
Thus is the common man smitten.

So you allow the Congress
To do whatever they want:
Outlaw our rights and rob us,
Laugh at us and then flaunt
That nobody can touch them
As they bleed the land dry.
We're just to bless their hearts
While the watch us slowly die.

We can keep on pretending
That everything is just,
Then go to church on Sunday
And brag about “In God we trust”,
Or we could wake the hell up
And start to participate
In what used to be our country
Right now before it's too late.

But that would mean standing up
And not just going along
And not following on party lines
Not singing the downtrodden song.
It means questioning our leaders,
But, you see, right there is the rub.
If we stop ourselves from being robbed
We can't belong to the Hypocrite Club.
Wade Lancaster Sep 2015
I stood apart with aloof dignity
A distant smile
He was upstage with strangers
Erudite I am with many
Downtrodden was never
Aloof for the school of accepted
Erudiate becomes obsolete
Reading a dictionary one will come across words of poetic justice. The word erudiate is obsolete . Its meaning; To instruct, to educate, to teach.
Silence Screamz Aug 2015
Walk across the marshes
View from the distance
into the streets of London
The downtrodden man,
contrite and solemn,
with weathered shoes
and a weathered soul

Walk in his shoes,
View through his eyes
into the streets of desperation
The downtrodden man,
worn and hungry,
with no bread to eat
and no cent to his name

Walk beside him,
View of his world,
into the street of questions
The downtrodden man,
simple and depraved,
with not an answer
and no life to live

Walk to his grave,
View of his stone
into the streets of nothing
The downtrodden man,
asleep and alone,
with no one to care
and no one to see
Downtrodden man, do we question why or walk on by?
Alyanne Cooper Jul 2014
Woke up this morning to the sound of rain
Wondered where you'd gone.
Woke up this morning to the sound of pain
Ringing in my ears.

You never saw the face
Of this lonely little girl.
All you saw was your tragedy,
Oh the calamity of your life!
What a sacrifice!

How many years do I have to wait
For you to apologize?
How many times does my heart have to break
While waiting here for you?

You never saw my tears
As I cried myself to sleep.
All you saw were your memories,
All the adversities in your life
That you gave me to bear.

How many years do I have to wait
For you to apologize?
How many times does my heart have to break
While waiting here for you?

I never knew what it'd take
For me to hear you say,
"Good job!" and "I'm proud of you!"
And "I love you too!"
Instead you just left me behind.

How many years do I have to wait
For you to apologize?
How many times does my heart have to break
While waiting here for you?

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain,
Knowing you had gone.
Woke up this morning to the sound of pain
Ripping out my heart.

But I'm not gonna wait here anymore
For you to apologize!
I'm gonna pick my heart up and move on
From waiting here for you!

Woke up this morning to the warmth of sun,
Shining down on me.
Woke up this morning to the sense of peace
Spreading through my veins.
This is actually a song I wrote but I still wanted to share the lyrics.

— The End —