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If only more people read the dictionary more, we'd be a better world
I'm getting restless speaking of unity
But nobody ever wants to listen
That might be the last time the harp glistens
I'm tapping into my superstitions
I've been right more than a few times
Just take my words with grace
I'm not trying to add age to your face
I'm just telling the truth
Nobody knows the definitions of most of the words coined in these books.
Wade Lancaster Sep 2015
I stood apart with aloof dignity
A distant smile
He was upstage with strangers
Erudite I am with many
Downtrodden was never
Aloof for the school of accepted
Erudiate becomes obsolete
Reading a dictionary one will come across words of poetic justice. The word erudiate is obsolete . Its meaning; To instruct, to educate, to teach.

— The End —