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Wade Lancaster Sep 2015
My cup of love,
Was once overflowing.
Now it is empty,
Dry as sun dried bones.
Not even the dust,
Of love remains.
It was blown away,
By the breath of procrastination.
Hollow words have no substance.
Broken promises,
Soon to forget.
Once there was life,
To share in abundance.
Now there is only,
An empty shell.
Once there were dreams,
Yet to be embraced.
The truth you revealed,
Love was never there.
Hold fast dear heart.
The path around the bend,
Is the way to the one,
Who actually has a heart.
This poem is dedicated to humanity. The world is full of love... Let it fill the cracks in your heart ❤
Wade Lancaster Sep 2015
the strongest foundation
two people can
ever share
walls once built
for another
together we created
a door
the key we give
seeking then
to discover
worlds to yet explore
i love your canvas
making you colors
memories breathtaking
windows and floors
building our home
where happiness is peace
when we both
have a key to the door
I miss my best friend (MH). We have accomplished together a friendship rare and true. One day my love,  we shall meet again...
Small and observant,
this girl child already loves her solitude.
Dark eyes taking in everything for much later,
long hair a little mussed-up, tumbling over feet pyjamas,
she stands quietly in the doorway of her little bedroom.

Across old parquet floors, into spare white rooms
she gazes at the grown-ups in their party clothes,
secretly planning that someday she will be one of them.

Plain white origami birds, suspended from the high
vintage ceilings, hand-made from her poet-mother's
typing paper, are the only decorations.

The soft, indirect lighting, all invented by her father
out of simple things, creates a perfect visual tone.

This quiet inventor has also chosen jazz he loves
to animate the evening for his friends.

These grown-ups in their party clothes,
yellows, greens and reds, puffy skirts, stiletto heels,
men in simple suits, white shirts, thin black ties,
talented painters, holocaust survivors, intellectuals,
talking, laughing, smoking too much, martini glasses in hand.

What stayed with her most was the music, and the way
it brought the whole world right to her.
Jazz from here in her native city,
Soft, sultry Bossa Nova that her soul knew even better.

Only some of what she saw that night became the life she chose.

The intimacy of observing, of silently forming words around
what she saw, talking and laughing with friends,
loving passionately, getting scorched to the bone,
and the music, the music....

The music would always stay with her, leading her across
wide expanses of this beautiful old world
to the parts of it that she would someday taste, and see.

Her life would become the stretching wide open of her heart.

To love it all, to write about it all.
to give this back, someday,
to the music, and to this big, beautiful old world.
©Elisa Maria Argiro
Wade Lancaster Sep 2015
When there is so much uncertainty.
In time we will know everything about each other.
In time we will share everything.
Because it may not matter.
What matters is how we feel about each other.
That is where we are at.
And it may come quickly.
We may fall in love.
When we share our secrets.
Where we tell our past.
How we swear that knowing everything about one another...
... could protect us... from future troubles.
We will share every moment together.
This life.
Your life.
My life.
Our life.
This wonderful life.
It began when we had no secrets.
When we tell no lies.
And sometimes we will feel afraid.
And that is okay.
Because life is full of uncertainty.
That's why we love.
To face it together.
With someone.
You and me.
Everyone deserves to find happiness.
As do I.
Can we?
Will you?
One should never trust their gut, it is after all connected to an *******, But it is a great indicator for hunger.
Wade Lancaster Sep 2015
I need us to be like clockwork, do you understand?
All its part work together... like clockwork. A loving and lasting relationship is not perfect, like a timepiece, yet working together we come close to perfection.
Wade Lancaster Sep 2015
When I slumber I dream in color of a meadow by a brook
a sweet bird on a branch of a tree so tall it kisses the sun
in a sky of vivid blues, red, yellow and a hint of orange
listening to the birds sing about the flowers in bloom
attracting butterfly and nectar seeking humming birds
who fly near the place where I prepared a picnic for two.

Drift off to sleep my love
meet me in our meadow of dreams
A blanket spread
classic colors of checker board squares
with a picnic basket of wicker
two wine glasses for the laughter
of sparkling bubbles, we share.

Slowly falling
you glide on angels wings
in the distant horizon
next to the mountain of our desires
walking now
ever closer
stopping to sniff the aroma
of flowers grown by our mother nature
deeply in love with life
stepping on the moss of a fields shadow
your memory imprints a visit.

Our hands reach
and touch, fingers intertwined
feeling the warmth of together
as our eyes met with a look of content
our bodies drawing closer
we feel the purpose of meeting
from across the distant miles
a connection.

A summer rain softly falling
we dance
hands holding
until we fall together on the checkered blanket
laying together we make pictures from clouds
and speak of love everlasting
peanut-butter and jelly
a favorite.

Making plans for the coming days
when the Pacific ocean turns into a field
of green clover
and on the day
we picnic
and make love under the stars
in the meadow where we first met...
Looking into the mirror... as the story unfolds...
"Looking Into The Mirror... As The Story Unfolds.." is about true love and the journey of two people deeply in love. The title of my novel, a trilogy - "The Book of Dreams" ; "The Book of Shadows" "The Book of Awakening"
Wade Lancaster Sep 2015
Come with me
I have a compass
Bring your watch
We become the sexton
A map we shall draw
On this journey together
Joy for our pleasure
In the realm of reality
A world we seek
As one
Spirited wind
On wings of desire
Vision of a non virtual world
The kingdom of truth
The glory in wisdom
Where we speak in loving tone
Adorn my body with yours
As my heart melts like wax
Forming a new world
One mind
One Heart
One love
A creation
We found with a compass
We often navigate through life alone. Life was never meant to be alone, or lonely. How many travelers go without a compass, without a friend...
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