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Amy E Mar 2019
I could eat a dozen
Perhaps I ought, I glance at
The box, white and untouched
Alone on the table, sweet air inside

I can’t help but break the seal
Revealing ****** frosting, perfect lines
Would anyone know if I took
Both a fritter and macaroon?

Lord help me, no restraint
As I grab a fistful
My waistline can’t trust me
My tongue simply yearns
For every single pastry
Last night
on a walk
minding my own business
I was disturbed by a stranger in an instant
she smiled at me
and handed me a box of donuts.

She had just closed shop
and didn't want to throw them away
and seeing me, she hopped
at the opportunity to give them away
to a passersby

And since no one else was around
she gave me all 3 boxes
each with 6 donuts covered
in cream, chocolate and pastry
filled with jam, cream and chocolate

My first thought
(after thanking her that is)
was who would I share them with?
I knocked on doors, but no one was home
to enjoy this treat
and considering my recent treatment
as my life has been passed though a blender
I thought
I'll eat them all myself

And so I walked and walked and walked
with boxes of donuts in my hand
back home the flock
bent over the boxes
and one by one they ate them
and one by one they gave them away

Except for me
for I couldn't eat a single one
because they contained milk
and I'm lactose-intolerant
JB Dec 2018
It’s the wholesome feeling when you tear into the
delightfully messy glaze
The soft fried dough
It’s a classic
Doughnut shop
The place you feel most comfortable
The most hungry
A place you make new memories every time you go
A doughnut by yourself, with a friend, with a special someone
This corner doughnut shop
Is my safe place
My home base
Fear hurts.
No matter how happy I am, there is always fear.

When it’s dark at night, there is fear.
Fear crawls underneath the blanket with your beating heart.

When you eat an ice cream cone, there is fear.
Fear slides onto your tongue, along with the sweet, frozen cream, and makes its way down your throat.

When you squeeze a pillow, fear will be there,
refusing to exit your mind.

Fear, why won’t you exit my mind?
It never leaves me..

But fear is what keeps you going everyday.

When you climb a great pine tree,
you feel glad, happy, strong, though never fearless
for fear’s there lurking in the needles right there with you.

When the sweetest pitbull licks your face with it’s oh so soft tongue,
you fear that it will leave you.
When your phone rings,
you fear of who it is.

Fear makes me fearless

When you play, you still fear.
You don’t even know what you fear but
fear is everywhere.
It doesn’t make sense.
Fear doesn’t make sense.

Fear is fear.

When fear comes along
Fear is your best friend
Fear makes me dance.

When you love something,
you fear that it will go away.

You fear of yourself.
You fear of the world.

Fear comes to make life harder,
to make you sad,
to make you scared,
but your heart is full of joy so you just sit at the kitchen table,
eating donuts with a side of fear.

You may love fear, you drink it like it’s coffee,
but you hate fear even more.
I wrote this in a poetry class in 6th grade (hence why its so bad) before I realized I had loads of anxiety
Fingers trace

the crescent moon coffee stain
on the otherwise white napkin.

Nothing left
between us now
but donut crumbs.
This poetry form is called a Cherita.
Cheniece May 2017
You're eyes glazed over
We're happy, smiling, joyful.
Other days were upset, ignoring each other, furious
Yet, we seem to be forever connected

Connected into by the vines of the jungle,
The mockingbird calling her babies
Showing them the passage and way
Of a short life.

Life beginning, life ending
These are things that forever happen
Forever circling in the pathway of success
Loving each other, just like the middle.
Love yourself, love others ~chebad
DblNickel May 2017
I'm a 40-hour a-week'er,
365 days a mommy,
But nobody calls me 'wife',
Sleepy most days,
Donuts no glaze,
Navigating a new life.
Written in 2017
Kurt Carman May 2017
There is nothing quite like a Caramel Apple Thumbprint Scone
I bought two tonight, one for the road and one for home.
Sometimes I buy one for me and one for Mum,
Didn’t bother to tell her I ate them both…every… last… crumb.

Tonight on my way home I decide to buy a baker’s dozen
The trouble with that is I ate six and got an upset stomach
Now here I sit upon this throne, tootin’ and thinking all alone
That there’s nothing like a Caramel Apple Thumbprint Scone….hic!

K.E. Carman
Geez I love these **** things
Aŧül Feb 2017
Oh Doughnuts!
Oh oh Donuts!!
Oho delicacy!!!

This is how I long for you,
To drop into my mouth,
To slide down further.

Long enough now it is,
Your sweetness lingers,
On my mind ever since.
My HP Poem #1411
©Atul Kaushal
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