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Zack Ripley Jan 22
Feeling numb from my head to my feet.
Like a musician who can't hear the beat.
But that's what happens
when you're making your name in the streets.
Can't trust anyone you meet.
So where do you start
when you can't trust anyone,
let alone your own heart?
You take your time.
Think everything through.
Because only you know
what's best for you
Zack Ripley Aug 2020
Take your time.
Take someone's hand.
Take control.
Take a stand.
Take a bow.
Take a breath.
Then, when you're ready, take that first step.
Tommy Randell Jun 2019
We sleep through time
       as if it means but nothing
We live our dreams
        until waking finds us new
Then in the dawn
        our Love is all forgotten
The pledge we made
        gone like it was never true

Romantic poems
         they push the myth of Story
That Love is prone
          to have a happy outcome
But life's routines
          despite our hopes of glory
Too often come
          to snoozy days of humdrum

For Love to shine
          such rimed lows must be embraced
To slow the heart
          and give stuttered flames a chance
Nothing is wrong
          trust those embers in the grate
A quiet look
           may arouse the wildest dance

As time goes by
          we should reach for every now
Not let them slide
           so illogically away
Sat quietly
           we can still make life this vow
To let Love rest
            it may blaze another day
Writing a 'classically structured Poem' is always a good challenge.
So, here is a strict meter plan and rhyme/half rhyme pattern - 4 beats and 7 beats half lines. Fixing the language 'tone' toward the romantically poetic helps the flow of course with the softer stresses.

Hope you like it - on any level.
Ilunga Mutombo Oct 2017
Lately I have been feeling at peace with my emotions
Floating in a deep dark ocean
But still finding complete satisfaction
I found a solution to all of my painful emotions


loving me with complete satisfaction
regardless of my reaction
taking in all of my rejection
Forcing me to face my lack of emotional affection
Teaching me that to love we must take action
You staying around and showing total devotion
Loving me with no limitation

This peace I owe it to you for loving me regardless of my inability to love you to my best ability

This tranquility has become my reality
rackcityaaliyah Jul 2016
you said words
words you cant take back
words to where they hurt like
a stab in back, are you
concerned of what you did
while I waited and stayed
maybe one day you will say the
s o r r y .
I had to think a bit of what most people feel, what they go through I will, be writing more soon, expect some truth .

— The End —