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Phoolmatee Dubay Dec 2019
I traveled many paths to me
to realize that I was always home
Because wherever I went
I took every experience with me
Until I realized I carried them with me
Phoolmatee Dubay Jan 2017
All the seasons have come
And brought many things with it
As well as many changes
My health improved,
I became stronger,
And found myself

2016 was but now it is almost gone
Not forgetting it
But remembering what it brought
Into my life

Now here comes 2017
Bringing more
Leading to what I had been planning
Taking effect
With the hopes off succeeding this coming year
Phoolmatee Dubay Jul 2016
darker days seemed darker than nights
only seeing the past
but not what was ahead
I would find myself loosing sight of me
what really mattered
and what didn't matter

bouncing back would happen
but not until
i would find a way
out of my darkness

i would be inspired by another
and helped by another
to help me come out of my darker days
realizing that i had to see it to know it
Phoolmatee Dubay Feb 2016
he made it clear what I should
a graceful beauty,
and perfectly flawless
for him
I didn't think it were possible
but now I know
because he knows I can do it for him
Phoolmatee Dubay Dec 2015
what I write you read
this makes me happy
knowing someone like you
responds to me
Phoolmatee Dubay Dec 2015
With much thoughts and ideas
To explore
I wonder which ones I should mention
Or write about today
I'm in limbo
Or am I not?
The sun is shining but it's very cold outside
As I write again I am thinking
But uncertain about how I feel
My best friend left the state
I lost my way somehow
What do I have to smile about?
You tell me
Phoolmatee Dubay Dec 2015
This year is not quite gone
But I am already at the end of it
Like you
Times and moments
May have tested you
Or even tried your ability to deal with challenges
Be it a test or a challenge
It prove to be fruitful or fruitless
One or the other?
I know I survived this year
With much agony, pain, and healing
Now I am at the point of recovery
I mean its' nearing it's end
Just like I thought it would
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