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Nathan Wilson May 2018
If only there was a way.
To escape these endless days.
To dive between the pages of a book.
To explore every nook.
To find treasures.
And adventure with heroes.
To be something other than myself.
In this endless dream.
That I call my reality.
Nathan Wilson Oct 2016
I can't seem to find my way home.
Through this world I roam.
Rejected and alone.
I miss the times when I was happy.
But now my clothes are tattered.
My boots are worn and battered.
But I still walk these lonely roads.
Nathan Wilson Oct 2016
Is there something wrong with me?
People say I'm crazy.
I hear voices in my head,
They tell me what to do,
They tell me what to say.
They tell me just how to make it through the day.
Sometimes I wish them gone.
But without them it's kind of lonely.
People say it's unholy.
But I just talk to the voices.
A conversation in my head,
is better than the tears I'd shed.
If I listened to the world outside the confines of my mind.
Nathan Wilson Mar 2016
Give me a riddle, riddler.
Something to puzzle my mind.
Give me something to consider.
To keep me occupied.
A way to pass the time.
Give me a riddle, riddler.
So I don’t go mad before dinner...
Nathan Wilson Jan 2016
Oh, Pale man who's name is death.
Come and kiss me, steal my breath.
Come and take me by the hand.
And lead me into your pale land.
Forever there to dwell.
With the souls of the ******.
Nathan Wilson Jan 2016
Well I know.
That you don't want to stay.
And I know.
You won't listen when I say.
There's too many shadows.
And even though,
My love for you glows.
It's not enough to face the dark.
But you go anyway.
And I watch as they consume.
Every part of you.
Nathan Wilson Jan 2016
What the **** am I doing here.
They tried to tell me but I didn't hear.
I pushed foward too hard, lost in my dreams.
Now my life is coming apart at the seams.
Depression sets in and I hate myself.
Emotions escape, no longer caged on the top shelf.
I want to be saved but I don't want to be.
I pull away but cry for someone to save me.
But maybe they should do nothing.
It's comforting to wallow in self-loathing.
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