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Rhiannon Grace Aug 2016
just another name
another faceless "crazy" behind a keyboard
one that isn't even crazy.
not like the others.
she's just sad.
incapable of living.
better off dead.
even the small cries for help get lost in the void.
with only echos of "just end it" coming back to her.
she cuts into her flesh
taking pieces of herself away
and the others don't even care.
they let her keep carving ridges into her arms
because she's not really crazy.
not depressed.
not suicidal.
she won't **** herself.
she's not important enough to help.
she doesn't need help.
she's not crazy.
just empty inside.
using pain to push back the darkness inside of her.
push it down.
keep it away.
cut deeper,
and deeper,
and deeper,
she reaches out again.
maybe she is sick.
she's alone again.
ignored again.
she cuts again.
and again.
keep going.
"just end it"
there's no point reaching out.

not when there's no one there.
Tomlinsonsgun Oct 2015
I'm empty inside
No one can See
Through the flesh mask
They wan't me to be
Tomlinsonsgun Oct 2015
I am just a useless body
With a useless mind
In a useless world
Offending it's kind

I'm a defect, used by this world
It's useless for me
I should be gone
So something better can be

— The End —