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MyReflections Oct 2020
A crowd emerged
From classes upstairs
After washing their hands
They all sits here

In this room, biggest in the school
Where air is filled with, joyous molecules.
Oh, we had waited, for hours four
To step inside, the lunchroom's door

We all, me and my friends
Find ourselves on a bench
Our food in front of us
We join our hand.

A voice coming from mic
Sing a 'before meal rhyme'
Then start gossiping, this and that,
Enjoying the food, so good, we ate.

"Did you see the match, yesterday?"
"Me and my ma, are going to market on Sunday."
And we talk on every matter, that belongs to us
From a fantastic toy to every movie characters.

As soon as, we finished our meal,
Our lunch box, get sealed
And out of room,
We go in our classroom
But before we washed our hands,
As you all did after your meal

May be, it looks a little messy for you
But who cares?
Food and laugh, we all shares
In our, called with love, a lunchroom.
Shreya Aug 2020
I miss the days I used to go to school,
I miss the blue uniform,
The oversized hoodies
And the black uniform shoes.

I miss the days I used to go to school,
I miss sneaking in snacks in the bus,
And the food fights with my friends.

I miss the days I used to go to school,
I miss the sports classes,
When we ran rounds together as punishments,
And made excuses to sit back.

I miss the days I used to go to school,
I miss classes where we passed chits,
The times when we did last minute homeworks,
And covering up for your absence.

I miss the days I used to go to school,
I miss you, my friend,
I miss your presence,
And all our times together.
I really miss school a lot :/

PS: this is a poem my friends and I worked on (online) for a class project. Hope you like it :)
Empty, light and dull,
My school bag rests on one of the walls,
Once full with books notebooks and pens,
Now bear and deserted it looks small.

Yesterday, while clearing my shelf,
My class VIII classwork notebook popped up,
Those were also the days,
When our copies were neatly covered up.

These days I sleep late at night
because Now there is no waking up early rule,
These days I wake up at nine,
As now I am not running late for school.

My wardrobe is full of colourful shirts
But wearing the white one daily I miss,
No sport shoe can ever match
Wearing white PT shoes bliss.

While searching for a bowl I found my Tiffin,
But there was no lunch in it
Also there aren’t those people around,
Who jumped attacked and finished it within a minute.

I still hear the interval bell,
In front of my TV when I sit,
I still hear those gossips and laughs,
While finishing my meal, those several hands I miss.

I was bored of studying the subject,
But I had no water bottle to fill,
And no school corridors to take a round,
I realised it wasnt the fifth lesson in school,
So I quietly turned back to my musics sound.

Every time I doodle
I remember bulletin board
I remember my house duties
Every time my nail grows

It’s raining and snowing these days
But nothing is as fresh as sitting next to the window in the class
Blankets in Quilt dont allow us to get out of our beds,
But nothing is as cosy asSitting on the seat at the last.

Donning my new dress, I was getting my picture clicked,
But it wasn’t as special as our last seat selfie,
CCD’s coffee was also not able to,
Match the taste of a canteen’s tea.

I go out of my home several times,
But never does it match the bunking thrill,
I take various Scooty rides,
But never am I able to showcase my reach school within five minutes skill.

Every time I get a call from my classmate,
Our whispers I miss,
Every second every hour every day
For those days to return I wish

At 2:00 in the noon
I go to bed for my nap
I miss returning Home from school
I wish those days could be swapped..

Sometimes we don’t realise
How the smallest things have a large part to play
And as the days passed, and time flies by,
It’s only memories that we are left with to say.

Every single thing at home
Reminds me of school life
I want to relive those golden days
Just one more time.

A couple of months from now
We will officially be ex schoolites
Teachers scoldings punishments and failures
After that For every single moment we will strive.
A heartfelt from a 12thie
Lekha Nath Sep 2018
You embraced me with your glitterly hands,
When all I could think about was chasing darkness.
Your spiral staircase gave me hope,
When all I could think about was falling down.
Your speech about the world outside came to my rescue,
When my mind was drowning in the ocean of pessimism.
You were a cold edifice when I stepped in at four,
And now as I leave at seventeen , you are a warm home, wrapped in a cocoon, giving me sanguiness.
The concrete beneathe our feet is like a pillar of life, that moulded us right.
I was a lump of wet mud when you took me under your wing,
I cried when I dried because it's time to say goodbye.
I was enthusiastic by the paradise
Of your wonderful aurora
And I didn't know that I would miss this wonderful aurora.
And now as the sun sets,
Our chapter sadly ends.
"Ta-Ta" for now,
"Goodbye for a while".
Until we meet again ,
On a blissful end.
-LN & KB
This is poem I co-wrote for my school magazine. Enjoy !!
Samreena Lodhi Mar 2018
i wrote this poem in 2003, when i was in school. It was a poem writing task by my English Teacher.
Anshula Nema Feb 2016
Maybe this was the last time,
That we were together.
Maybe the smile on your face,
Was the last thing I saw.
Maybe the words you spoke,
Were the last thing I would be hearing from you.
Maybe the joke you cracked today,
Was the lamest,
Yet the only thing I would be carrying with me.

Can I get any more of any of it?
Gosh no!
Can all this last forever?
And never end.

So that we could still be together,
So that we could still be us,
So that we could still laugh like we didn't care,
So that we could still crack those silly jokes,
So that we could still be the last benchers,
So that we could still annoy each other,
So that we could still sing those random songs together,
So that we could still be the best team together.

When you were on the edge of failing a test,
And was still smiling,
Was the best part of it.
When PTM's were just like any  regular days!
When scoldings,
were as normal as drinking a glass of water.
When eating your friend's lunch,
Was the best thing to do,
While you brought something you didn't like.
When snatching lunch,
Running all around the class,
And the fight for the last bite was like a war.
When early morning games in the assembly ground,
Was our favourite.
When the ugly fights between the game,
Were just meant to last for a few minutes.
When nicknames were wicked.
When benches had a line drawn on them,
Assuring ones territory.

Those memories,
Those times,
Can't we just freeze it?

So that we could still be the best together,
And look at each other the way we did before,
And still ****** each others lunch,
And run, up and down the beaches,
**And still have the same fun.
It was the best time I could have!
Gonna miss it truly!
daisies Aug 2015
I used to hate to look at my backpack,
I remember every single stupid things that happened to me in school.
I didn't like to open my notebook,
i remember when all my classmates were laughing at me because i didnt write any good essay.
I didn't even want to give a glance to my alarm clock, it reminds me that the same stupid is about to begin.
• • •
Well, i hated to be in school.
Everything turned out to be sweet in the end.
• • •
My backpack reminds me of all the care-free days,
The days when we ran after each other inside the class,
Stand on the chair when not doing homework and assignments,
Stay outside the class because making noise and ran to canteen because of hunger.
Looking back to my notebook, it reminds me of all the doodles i drew and erased them before pass it to the supervisor.
And the alarm clock...,
It tells me that all the fun has ended.
Today is another day. A total different day.
• • •
I cried, i know i won't meet the same person to laugh with, punch and hugs at the same time.
Everything was bittersweet.
Its too late to blame. I should have lived in those moments.
Hey poets, i really miss this page. I just graduated from high school last month. And haven't applied to any college yet. So happy to read all your poems again. - hydourella®

— The End —