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Tim S Sep 2018
The quiet station
Your lips were poised to meet mine.
I hesitated.
Can't remember who this is about. Clearly, I didn't follow through.
Tim S Dec 2017
The window has closed.
Opportunities have passed.
My life is calling.
Sometimes you're just feeling stuck.
Tim S Nov 2016
I thought I would be raising a glass to freedom.
But my counterparts didn't know that history had its eyes on us.
The choices seemed apparent,
Yet, we have been left bewildered and scrambling -
Wondering whether we did all we can.

My glass is raised to freedom -
The end of freedom.
History has repeated itself.
The beginning of the end.
And thunderous applause filled the amphitheater.

Those that have felt wronged have decided the fates of those that have had no wrong doing.
Two exes.
One overwhelming Y...
It's ineffable.

We may weep and mourn today.
We may weep and mourn tomorrow.
We may be frozen in the moment -
But our legacy isn't etched in stone.
It can be changed by us all if we choose..

These sleepless nights will wear us down.
The disrupted R.E.M. may disrupt our rest.
But we must only rest until we are capable to go on.
And when we move, we will move as a force of love.

Love will oust the darkness that has descended upon us.
Love will out.
Truth will out.
We will endure the worst and rise.

And then we will raise a glass to freedom.
We will raise a glass to all.
We will raise a glass and drink to the revolution-
The revolution that will be a beacon of light for those that need it most.  

In a sea of red we will be the silver lining
In a sea of red we will be the light.
We will call those home.
We will call to those that need us most.
We will be united against the fear.

We will rise and rise and rise.
We will rise until lambs become lions.
We will overcome.
We will show them that we cannot be killed or swept aside.
We will rise up.
This is obviously based on current events in my home of the United States. I learned we are far more divided than united than I could have ever imagined. My heart breaks for my LGBT friends. It breaks for my female friends. It breaks for all of my friends that are minorities in some way, shape, or form. I've been so inspired by Lin Manuel Miranda and his work of Hamilton. This is a testament to him. This is a testament to the nation we should be.
Tim S Nov 2016
I was captivated,
Mesmerized by her beauty on this Bronx bound 5 train.
I drowned in her green eyes and did not care to breathe.

Her ***** blonde, bordering brunette hair waved perfectly.
Everything about her was beautiful.
To say I was nervous would be an understatement.
I didn't dare to tell her how radiant she looked.

Another missed connection on a subway line heading uptown.
Hopefully I will see her at Wall Street again.
It isn't likely, but I would like to redeem myself.
Or at least say , "Good morning."
Another one about Kim, the girl I would see on my way to work.
Tim S Oct 2016
Whenever I get down into the station,
I get a fluttering of nervousness.
When I come up off the escalator,
And you're standing there -
Au Bon Pain in hand -
I get a rush.

We've spoken once and we were ill timed this morning.
Today I was prepared -
Much to my dismay, you were nowhere to be found.

Blue headphones.
Green eyes.
I transferred alone at Grand Central.
A follow up to Subway Connections. Kim and I never truly connected but there's no harm in trying.
Tim S Oct 2016
I heard your voice.
It must have been Heaven.
The silvery, ethereal sound of your laughter..
Yes, it was Heaven.

The exchange was so effortless.
You spoke, I spoke.
You laughed, I laughed.
Yes, it was Heaven.

However, in the ease of conversation,
There were so many things I wanted to say.
Instead, I remained reserved.
I feared the reaction I would receive.

I've been fixated on you.
Drawn in by your deep green eyes,
Bright wide smile, and perfectly waving brunette hair.
I've been captivated by your overall beauty.

Consider this an open letter from an open heart,
Spewing out the words I could not bring forth.
There has been no other prospect to fill me with the elation that you bring.
Just one of the many poems I wrote about a friend named Molly. Apparently, we were quite right for each other but we both made excuses to ourselves that one could never like the other. Stupidity, really.
Tim S Sep 2016
The sun...

Rising over the halcyon river on this brisk September morning made for a wondrous sight.

The rising and beginning of a brand new day as this ferry makes its way to Whitehall.

A brand new day that is still riddled with one question.
Sometimes we stop to smell the roses but we cannot ignore the questions inside of us..
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