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Gods1son Oct 2018
I always try to make the right friends
Not those who wanna see my end
But those who bring out my best
Those that believe in my quest
Those that stick with me through my tests
Those that inspire me to invest
Those that share my interests
Those that keep my heart at rest
Those that live life with zest
That's what I watch out for in a friend
There is a saying... Show me your friends and I know who you are.
Tim S Sep 2016
I was a hair late.
Those mere hours were enough for her to put me on the back burner,
And move someone else to the front.
I was left wanting, waiting, and waning.

Yes, we will exchange pleasantries,
And even embrace on occasion.
But the embraces will be nothing more than reminders of how platonic I am,
Or how pathetic I've become.

The wayside by which I stand cannot be overcome by merely remaining hopeful.
Yet, the time for action has passed.
Though I still pine like the ghost of Neruda.
This is about a coworker I developed some feelings for. I said nothing for months. I finally did and she let me down very easy. Nice gal. Still friends to this day. Though, we got together for one night after this.

— The End —