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Laokos Jul 2019
"what, you're too good to say 'good morning' to me?"
     she asks me as she slumps through
     the front doors of work.

     I say,
"you didn't hear me say it back?"
     . . . she didn't.

some people try
     to drag everything
into their own collapsing

     but I brush it off and
               walk away, successfully
          escaping her gravitational

later, minding my own
     ****-stick, she fires another
     "you sure have a chip on your shoulder today,  I'm staying out
     of your way!"

this time I don't
even acknowledge
                         her **** bird trying
                         to land on me,
                                                  just smile right
                                                  through her.

I turn my
head to

the smeared
clouds are
rippling in
a smooth cadence
of anticipation.  

a storm is coming . . .
it's gonna be a good one.
bakunawa Dec 2018
we were brightly shining
all while constantly burning
we had to keep collapsing against ourselves keeping ourselves from burning out
Roxxanna Kurtz Aug 2018
My universe is collapsing
at the heart of the sun.
My skin scorched to
bare bone;
the weight of the world
coming undone.
The cells of my existence
as gravity pulls stardust
into my lungs.
My last breath a whisper, of
"Will you miss me when I'm gone?"
stopdoopy Nov 2018
your love is toxic

my lungs collapsing

beneath the weight of such ugly feelings

so much like a rock

abrasive and heavy

are the words that spill from your mouth

like a faucet of filth

the pressure building

bright red blossoms

like a blow to the face
Hannah Payne Dec 2016
Currently inhabited in the crevices on the walls
Separated from one side to the other,
Contemplating my fall.
Fixated on the perimeter
Collapsing in on me
My time and being is micro,
Micro-me is managed until the crevices release
My inevitable sea of crumbs.
My inevitable sea of crumbs.

Frequently gazing in the cracks on the floor
There's a light too bright coming in,
Impenetrable for my eyes,
Beneath lies a cultivating door.
Illustrating my final chances
But the floor's ascending on me,
Slowly taking me.
My time and being is micro
Micro-me is managed until the cracks receive,
My irrevocable sea of crumbs.
My irrevocable sea of crumbs.
Wyatt Oct 2016
Pulling the weight is easier said than done,
my arms are ready to break
and my legs are starting to fail me.
How could they perform their magnificent show
and teach through example when
we're not the same as them? I can't compete.
I've never been proud of a thing
and this is all I can do to stay sane.
Hide away, I couldn't bear someone building me up
just to have my journey fall through the seams.

Heavenly, you're far above.
Can you see the beggar with his hand hanging out?
My head is as low as my dignity,
you shouldn't understand how it's like.
I live in your shadows and I sleep in anguish.
I am hollow and I would have more than one wish.
I live in your shadows and I sleep in anguish.
I am hollow and I am walking on a collapsing bridge.
Max Southwood Oct 2015
I walk with weary eyes
Tired of seeing, no longer willing to hear
My head spins from the smoke of your conflagration
Burn me down from the inside out
Lungs of ice trap the filth
Make sure the essence becomes my own
I try to scream but cough out words of rancour
A whirlwind of smoke and embers
My ashes block the sun
Nothing can grow here
Baylee Sep 2015
Much like being trapped in an elevator,
Awaiting your rescue,
Wondering if you should be the one to save yourself,
But you start panicking once the doors wont open,
You feel yourself shrinking,
Drowning in your thoughts,
Internally collapsing from the stress,
You begin to hyperventilate,
But not audibly, no, it's completely silent,
The utter silence itself is deafening,
You question the stability and structure
Of the suspended room that your life is being held in,
Back to the silence, was that a creaking sound
Or are you just starting to become paranoid now,
Is someone on the outside trying to pry the doors open
To help rescue you, and get you out,
Or is someone simply mindlessly hitting the elevator button
Waiting for it to come, though it never will,
Surely they'll become annoyed and just take the stairs,
But how are you supposed to get out of this situation,
This state of complete panic, you start to sob,
And that's when you realize that this is what anxiety feels like.
After a recent experience of getting trapped in an elevator, those minutes you're waiting to be saved seem like the longest moments of your life, specially for someone who already has an underlying fear of elevators. Not to mention the fact that you're someone who has serious anxiety problems, so this situation only makes you reflect outward and even further inward on yourself.
Sydney Deimert Jun 2015
Just remember, when your world is
Collapsing and chaos is all consuming
There's a little voice in your head
That says "shut your eyes and go to
Bed, reality can be frightening but
Worse is the images that plague
You head for they cannot be
KAT COLE May 2015
It's this lump in my throat that seizes to be swallowed.
The missing thoughts in my mind that keep me from reality.
There are burns on my wrist from the ropes that bind them.
My mouth is shut tight from the tape that conceals it.

It's the screaming in my head and the ringing in my ears.
The shake in my hands and the ache in my feet.
There is a burning in my muscles from the tension in my body.
My deserted frame is collapsing.

It's the filth in my bones that wont wash away.
The haunt of 2:00 am that relentlessly feeds this exhaustion.
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