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a damp winter's day
prevailed in our region
dank twas its cold feel
LC Apr 2020
his words burned through people
with barely a care in the world
corrosive, toxic, flammable,
the strongest acid she'd ever seen.

her words slid over people
like soap, a weak base
so she kept quiet
meek could have been
her middle name.

she thought they could neutralize.
she thought he was a weaker acid,
one that could complement her,
not one that burned at the touch.

but burn he did.

nevertheless, she prevailed.
#escapril day 7!
G Rog Rogers Aug 2017
and ye will perceive
that you have been pursued

and perhaps persuaded
Then prevailed upon
through and through

Prevailed within a purpose
a purpose of the truth
The truth of a proclamation

Proclaiming the promise
of pure and perfect Love
for You.



— The End —