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Madison Apr 2020
When you find
that we are lost
nobody owes concern
direction is guided
by open eyes
the reward
unfurled wings
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
I'm just a Raggedy Ann doll in a Barbie doll world
And sadly I'm starting to become unfurled
Into this wounded life I was hurled
And the lines are becoming blurred
It's all becoming so very much twirled
And this mind of mine is so very much swirled
So in the corner you'll find me curled
Meteo Oct 2015
How do you live here? / who's sins have you / do you forgive yourself / for the sake of what you believe / makes you? / keeps you in momentum / sails unfurled against the clock / How do you live here? / which scars do you show / which ones no one knows? / what parts of your skin were you born in / what parts of your skin are new / drawn over / coloured outside the lines? / what parts of your skin have you always been? / How do you live here? / who's laugh track echoes in your ear / a recording of a long since dead live t.v. show audience / or your now since becoming nameless childhood friends? / How do you live here? / how do you occupy your skin / your sins / your echoes? / what dreams keep you asleep / what dreams keep you awake / what dreams keep you? / How do you live here?

— The End —