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Joey fonseca Sep 2018
Often times we let our heads
Grow so large that
We cannot fit through the doors
That are opened for us
Julie Grenness Aug 2018
This is a true, but amusing tale,
Hope your laughter does not fail,
'Tis a saga of a cockatoo,
Of life, he held a jaundiced view,
At the going down of the sun,
Cocky embellished his own fun,
And at the rising of each dawn,
Cocky's catharsis our ears did adorn,
The parrot kept talking, none listened to he,
Cocky had such a vivid vocabulary,
All starting with " C...'s"!
We heard his morning matins, you see,
His vespers were hard to believe,
'Twas sociolinguistic acquisition, prithee,
His jaded look at society,
Swearing is cathartic, but so lazy......
A true tale of a feathered friend, somewhere in middle suburbia, in Oz.
mjad Jun 2018
The battery is dying out
So I leave my phone in the other room
Voices fade to mumbles as I walk out
Just the kitchen floor creaking now
The door shuts after you slip out
Take the water glass from my hand
Lean against the fridge while it fills

We should stay here for a lil
They'll never notice or care
Just you, me, and the water we'll share

I lean my elbow on the cold counter
I dent his confidence with my stare
He breaks my heart with his tongue

Well baby then I'm leaving
A kiss on the cheek is no fun
I'll see you sometime later if you want

My eyes fall as he brushes past
Carelessly hands me the water glass
It splashes on my t-shirt
I watch the drops soak in quickly
They'll dry out eventually
I go back and join the crowd
A house party no longer as loud
Brianna Dec 2017
Keep putting on a good front, let the world see that gleaming, brilliant smile you wear so well.
Let the laughter pour out like the drinks that keep sliding towards you on that bar.
Please, continue to be the class clown, make them laugh, make them wonder how you're oh, so, cool.

You put on a good front, babe.
You sure made them believe.
You put on a perfect smile, babe.
You sure let them wonder.

But I know you better then they do.
I know that smile hides sadness and fear of never being perfect.
I know those eyes hide hate for yourself and where you're at in life.

So, go ahead babe, put on that smile you wear so well.
Please let them see you laughing because god forbid they see you cry.
Continue being the confident one because we know the rest of us need a little more help.
Just remember the next time you talk about me, you're just as afraid of failing as I am.
Seb Tha Guru Jan 2016
Driving north, going to the city.
Looked and did a double take because I saw something pretty.
Almost got into a wreck now thinking where am I in the first place.
But caught the girl's attention now I'm at first base.
Hearing from all of my friends I got the juice.
They say I should write a book on how I get these girls loose.
They should call me Dre two stacks, it's like I preach and they admire.
But if I can pull this girl,
I'll retire.
Now I be thinking every day, just to save us both, I will need to put up some baracades.
Paranoid, every time a girl walks past me.
Because I got the juice and every girl's thirsty.
But te problem's never that I'm driving,
The problem's that I be texting,
When I said in my last poem I got a girl that's a blessing.
Texting and driving down love highway,
But I rather take I-85, and sit stuck in traffic in my disguise.
Driving all alone so stretch all my limbs.
So instead, I'll speed in my eclipse in my all black timbs.
Thank God for the sun.
Thank God for me.
The word man is in sun woman but hard to see.
So when the juice god gets her, it turns to night time.
And that's when, we play slow songs and bring out wine.
And every one is uninvited.
Kicking everyone out.
The party's in here, and I don't need to go out.
Now I'm sitting all alone judt watching the sun set.
Thinking to myself, being a juice god will do that.
Send her to the moon and back.
Good wood will do that.
The juice injection to the sun is way to deep.
That's why the sun goes down, it gets dark, we all sleep.
These type of people are hard to find, that's why we all keep.
If you can't afford to find one then your standards too cheap.
Sun Woman.
A Segway to sun woman. Basically the guy has the cliche' story of getting all the girls. He has "the juice" the sun woman changed his way but at times he is still a male and is feeling himself, fall Into temptation feeling cocky because he has a good girl eeryone wants at home and by his side changing his life but pushing his luck to the max by messing with other females still.
Jessica Mar 2015
Why is it seen as a bad thing when a woman believes that she is beautiful?
My entire life I knew I was pretty.
I never felt like I was beautiful.
When I express to you that I am confident in my looks you say you're done with cocky girls.
Why is this a bad thing?
Why is this not celebrated ?
It took me only a trauma event, an eating disorder and a few bad break ups to feel this way.
And I am happy.
And I am beautiful.

I am beautiful.
Kagey Sage Jan 2015
Back to the scrawling pad
a cheap red notebook
wide ruled, with the perforated pages in it
in case I wanna punch one out easily
Those moleskin daze were measly
Thinking I'm creative and potent
but spending two years
to fill those tiny pages
Please, help me
reinvent the feel and manifest it
to real, accomplishment
Songs, verse, or vice grip words
to change a nation with
- to start a new nation with
Bokonon Bhikkhu
hurling Pikachus down from Mt. Olympus
land on the concrete with lemming splat
Get the metaphor?
I don't. Make your own up
I just an absurdest
A poor boy humming Queen
and writing rap atrocities
Nah, the rap "apocalypse"
minus all the apostrophes
Write so much anything anyone says
from now until oblivion
was just quoting me!
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
What you know about me?
Who do you
think I am?

Realize I'm on a mission-
everything's   part
of the plan.

how I breathe,
all these hurdles
I jump with

Attitude is on that freeze,
if you something
I don't need-
cut you off
with no "please"
Everybody gawkin'
at me.

watch how I do this,
like a 1, 2, 3
You countin' all ya wishes,
you a fake emcee.
Just cause you wishin'
don't mean you
make moves like me.

Cause I had the vision
Gambino give me them swagger feels.

Sorry, not sorry. :)
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