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Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
farts are demons
making art

let evil rip

Squeaker Pimps
Pooder Shrimps

lift a cheek
hear a glimpse

top Cheese Charts

in texas, cheap gas
cali, makes you pay out the ***
Believe it or not this is a spiritual poem. My Poppy was not only an amazing enlightened grandfather who flew P38s in WWII he was also the funniest light I ever met. the man also had a profound affinity for flatulence. He would even take a recording device into the bathroom and then listen back later on his own laughing hysterically and the music his ***** would make. While asking my guides about a pov on all this challenging energy in the world this came through as I lie here in bed this am. Imagining Poppy is visiting, bringing more light to my world as he knows how best. Using a filter over the evil making it ridiculous helps take its power away. Farts aren’t evil of course it means your body is working! I’m so grateful for my morning gas as it means I have a functioning body, I’m alive and healthy! Love you all! Mean it! We are one.
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
Sometimes I see the future in reverse
a blessed curse
to live a scene
previously witnessed

truly life is a stage
thank you, five minutes
I prepare to be the art
The whole world babe, it's all ready for you to play your part, be the star you are. Honey Bunny.
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
Do the Whales know they are the biggest around
Do they seek out other Whales
Do they look for something bigger
So they can know what it’s like to be small

Does the Ant Queen know the sacrifices being made in her honor
Does the Elephant know it’s at risk
Or does it swim in the gloriousness of it’s bliss

Does the Goat know why it cares about it’s kid

Love always knows what it’s doing when it becomes a kiss
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
Get me out these spiral spaces
I know where my rightful place is
Center of the void is where my base is

the slip stream in-between
Everyday a daydream
When you walk yourself home
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020

I want you to explore the unknown parts of yourself through me.

Shackles break free when thirst turns to unity.

The feeling of being at one with the void
Independent is the 1 from the Zero
Yet excited to create the code together, heart in heart there is no other energy in the game more sweet then after you are satisfied we wash your feet.

Humbly bow to the King who hath finally revealed himself to his queen. We have loved with reckless abandon every time thinking that was you behind the light in their eyes, we took the leap only to find more lessons, more sharpening of our mastery, more compassion for who we used to be.

In your eyes we receive an achievement unlocked. Here is the place we have won our best self, we leveled up, integrated and at one with all the creatures of love, below and above.

We see the code of golden light, hold space so that you may enjoy the desire knowing your deep primal wants have already been written to be freely expressed inside of Us.

Set your Love free, let out your god seed feed on the bliss of its own creation story, it’s you we have longed for to release the dam between our hearts and all our vast expression of wondrous fire.

Néw notes of pleasure We sing discovered songs of satisfied, building out the tribe, there are so many stories we have yet to live in the frequency of Gorgeousness.

Weirdly Honest, Surprisingly Calming.

Like our first kiss when your electricity shot through our spine, like a tape hitting rewind in surrender of the tech. A beautiful mess of circuits overloading, shifting directions to dimensions of unsung awareness of possibility.

The Fantasy is Our Reality.

Living on the edge in a womb we built, free to be free, love is our hilt and there are enough Bliss Dragons to keep us busy for all eternity.
Co-creating with our One True Love calling him home.
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
A Dog pulls a Boy
or is it the other way
The Skies are grey
or is the Sun on a vacation day

Intentions are destinations
Heaven + Hell
mirrored staycations
declarations for all our creations

To hear is the shortest route through fear
Give it a name, become it
See your eyes shine from within it
Our own villain is our
Shadow Hero

One with Zero

Hand in Hand
the opposite is always true
surrounded by the Deep Blue
The Light shines from
integration of all the ideas
Cosmic writers’ room

Spirits who are always in full bloom
can dress in shades of gloom

Unity feels like bioluminescence

The full Eclipse
Center of the Void
come BACK to center in a SNAP
A memory Clap-Back

or perhaps, a new future to devour
time traveling encounters
never in the future

We are too creative to be
to our own

The quest is best when expecting the

Seeded and protected with a kiss
there are no risks when
Love is the door
take the elevator to
Heart’s floor
see what We've been
called for

Spoiler Alert, it’s always Love
in new wardrobe

We become our Romantic Narrator
Uncover our generator

Did you try unplugging it?

The Boy is the Dog.
People watching at the beach

— The End —