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Karthik balaji May 2017
Once upon a time,
There was a man named tiger,
He had a friend who was always with him,
A four legged friend,
He goes with tiger wherever he went,
He has never left tiger feel alone.
One day tiger got a new Friend
Who can talk with him, be normally like him,
So tiger left his four legged friend and gave more attention to his human friend,
Days passed fastly,
Tiger didn't understand how his four legged friend felt about,
Tiger just saw him a when his friend was not available,
One day his friend got a new one, so he went.
Tiger was standing alone,
Thinking what to do next,
But someone was still Waiting for him to look at him,
Tiger just looked,
The four legged friend ran and jumped over him,
Again Started a new love story...
                     Karthik balaji .
A friend without sixth sense,
Still they are the best ones.
Lucrezia M N Apr 2016
Even this latter
lingering emotionality
will vanish somehow,
masked behind an affable reflection,
but already collapsed
into a black hole.

Bigger and bigger.

Mastery of nothingness
in satisfying myself
as mute, stripped leaves
observing their art
of turning into glow of warmth.

Autumn’s heredity.

Fierce hyperbole is Melancholy,
remote and severe sixth sense,
obsidian monolith
in this too mild dimension.

Melodrama of light
is the vacuum of such empirism
saturated ad nauseum
by the ceaseless delay
of the most natural
and contemptuous ease.
... Yes, I'm an autumn child ...
Chaise May 2015
all of these issues
never started
until i turned adult

or that is just when
they became more apparent
that i can’t handle my own
        this all seems like my fault

all of these issues
never seem to disappear
not the crying
not the fight inside
not the fights outside

i don’t know if i’ll ever be ok
i just know i’m trying
and every single day
i wish i was back on the sixth floor

all of these issues
they never existed up there
they were gone
and i only had to worry about me

— The End —