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If my sky should fall
as one day I know it will
let mosses stitch my winding sheet
wrap me in a willow shroud
shot through with camomile
bury me in starlight,
six hands deep beneath the trees
for I always was romantic
then let me rest and take my ease
nevaeh Dec 2020
(okay so i understand if you cant source these things naturally but its much better if you do)

so my go-to tea base is a blend of rose hips, allspice, and chicory for general good vibes

and for nice winter-y vibes this solstice you can add cinnamon sticks, clove, and dried orange peels for added comfort and prosperity in the new year
BONUS: add a teeny tiny bit of arrowroot for ultra good vibes and a sweeter flavor :)
if u add too much it will thicken and turn super gross so be VERY careful babes <3
Unpolished Ink Aug 2020
Old men remember
The taste of a long lost love
Bitter herbs turned sweet
Kenshō May 2019
I had told no one
Where that speaking plant was;
For, it bent where no eyes could look
And where the woods became a mirage.

It led to where Daphne took,
And where the butterfly seed would ride.
Sent from a moonlit breeze
near the noxious smell of the tide.

It grew in marsh where all rested still, separate from time;
Where, the digits of the woods can grab you
and the Green Lord wears a Henbane Crown.
So watch where you step when you are among my kind.
Lyndsey May 2019
Flint cracks and flame errupts.
Crisp green turns to charred black.
Each inhale
pulls clouded plumes into my lungs.
The taste rolls along my tongue.
In fragrant wisps
my anxiety melts.
Burning bad days,
caressing the pain away.
Glazed and glossy eyes
see the silver lining through the haze.
C H A T A N T Apr 2019
It is you who I blindly follow    

For every kiss, we have made,  

Tastes like blood and mint

With the bitter decay of a lotus heart,

Just as spoiled as a cup of  

how do i title things
Mia Kuhnle Dec 2018
Our affections are resinous
By the grindstone, made

Our patience tasteful impressions
By words, sweet turpeny made
Ever-growing since.

Our laughter like camphor
Sowed by thyme, made
Love, after.

Your love is unwashed
Grown and ground, made to steep
Cherry beans, grown in their burgundy glove.
ehxpen Dec 2018
alone i smoke the herbs,
i inhale, the way you taught me,
every draft, every breath, every release,
you spread through my body,
like a river entering the sea,
flowing through my veins, the cold blood,
overheating, like a hot summers day,
making me meltaway

oh how i love you

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