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Chantell Wild Oct 10
she plays the music loud
when no one is around
she dances like there's no tomorrow
and never a yesterday
she basks in the palpable sound
of her rapid (rabid) heartbeat
bare feet pounding
into unhallowed ground
we don't know until we know
and then,
when the playground shifts,
we find ourselves engaged
in the same game
but the angle has changed
seems you never know until you know
that you knew nothing before
which means
that you never know much, ever
in spite of being so clever
Chantell Wild Sep 29
the whale is heavier in gold when dead
the tree worth more when planed into planks
the flower's so pretty but dies in the vase
when last did we stop to say thanks?
Chantell Wild Sep 29
Flounder not, little bird
know you that you have wings?
Lift those mighty, crooked things
let tension subside
into the joyride of climbing
undulated skies
Let go of things that bind you
and allow yourself to rise, arise!
Albeit in your mind it is as real
as what surrounds you
you are bound to nothing
but that upon which you linger.
why do you choose me
to chew upon
I was Cinderella once
until you sliced my hair
with the blade
that cut Snow's heart out,
Rapunzel staring blindly
bleeding from your eyes.
Words are music
without rhyme nor reason
put into perspective
are like the changing
of the season..
Reading is an art
that sometimes gets lost
But writing is a calling
that comes with heavy cost
It reminds me, sometimes,
of the carrying of the Cross.
what you think you saw
was but a shadow on the wall
what you thought you knew
was knowing nothing at all
passed a nearby shadow
it was nothing but a cat
tin roof creaking
at the dropping of a hat
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