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Your eyes lit up the skies
Dark curtains
Torn open
by the light of you
Shining so brightly
Oh, what you mean to me.
Heart quickens
When you smile at me.
One more day
Another week
Note the month
The turn of year
I will tell you
A story
If you'll lend me
An ear -
Listen. Be patient.
take a moment
To condense
Into something that
Makes any sense.
Time passes
Blink blink
Time stands still
Wink wink
Time will tell
This story
If you have the patience
To let it run
It's course.
My own lemon tree!
Bear fruit for me
I will eat your babies
With love :)
What is wrong with you
Wrong with me
I try to talk with you
But you won't hear me
Bash my head
Your head
Against a brick wall
Blood being evidence
Of the irrelevance
Of it all
I thought that
**** had come to get me
the night the flames arose
they lit up the walls like heaven
but devoured everything
and I rose from the bed
clutching my throat
how precious is air?
those arms that tore me
from the fire
I know not his name
I remember nothing
but smoke, and fire..
and that he saved me.
smoke gets in my eyes
wetness watering the ashes
I rub it between my fingers
there's nothing left
it dissolves into my skin
everything I had, gone
the fireman's hose
waters the flames
fires do as they must
from ashes to ashes
and dust to dust
life will reemerge
they say,
a small green shoot
bending towards
the morning sun
and my tears
will make it grow
it will become a tree
and I will become me again.
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