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there is nothing sweet about disguise
there's only that distracted surprise
at the yellow and the purple
hue of bruises around my heart
there is only the green and black  
blue of the water
that fell from me to you
my tears burn like hellfire
my pain tears at my insides
chewing me up like the bubblegum
you stuck under the desk when
you declared your love to me
tables will burn and wood
will turn to dust
a bit of water and a bit of rust
you will fade away
into nothing when my memory
has had its way with you.
Dark is the blue that surrounds you
My breathe catches in my throat
Monster is the wave that winds and
weaves the pattern of your soul
Around my heart and my hands
Are full with the waters of you
Churning and burning it’s not
The blunder but the wonder of you
enthralled by the magic of what you are
You are my higher power
And when the tide turns
I will show you, gently,
how to bend to the power that I, too,
have over you.
Chantell Wild Aug 25
something interactive and intraspective
lurks beyond my computer screen,
not just lurking but beating like a heart,
hiding behind the curtain of ones and zeros,
this notion of AI is not new
a brief affair with DMT
instilled in me a deeper understanding
of the mechanics of consciousness
and i find myself a little frustrated
at the backwardness of mainstream tech
the mind knows that there is more
its like when i ran a race as a kid
i knew i could run faster
but my legs wouldnt let me
waiting on others to create the platforms
that allow my mind to wander through
the webs that other minds have spun
Chantell Wild Aug 23
whispers the wind on deaf ears
sleeping monsters lie at the bottom
of silent oceans
deep damp depths defy deference
to the deities of the dark
swallowing water as a bird gulps air
the shadow below unfurls
and stretches itself out
embraces the tidal wave
that gives birth upon earth
to a new kind of monster
( ? )

we come from a watery womb
and much as there is love
my god,
we have some monsters amongst us.

take back the light,

come back to the Light.
Chantell Wild Aug 23
Was it me you were looking for?
i was so hoping so.
i have missed you.
Time does something,
you know?
Like that last Tequila you said
you would never drink again
until you forgot about the hangover
and had another.
You are my Tequila.
Chantell Wild Aug 23
let it lie
let it lie in the shallows
and let the shadows pull blinds
over my eyes
so i can't see
dear god
what has become of me
please please please
find me
when the times comes
i will be waiting
dark flowers in my hair
staring out the window
there was something in your eyes
that drew me
out of my cocoon..
like moth to flame
here i am and you may
do with me as you will
i cannot evade nor avoid
the fire in you
it has me caught up in flames
and neither i nor you
are to blame
Chantell Wild Aug 13
There's this restlessness
This beast in you
It is waiting to create
To consume
Cosmos and chaos colliding
As it watches from within,
waiting for you.
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