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Chantell Wild Feb 2021
Through the bars
he saw stars
was a centimetre away
Fingers curled around metal
as his soul poured like water
from life's jug
He saw his essence
lifting up into the night sky
like a tear in someone
else's eye.
Chantell Wild Feb 2021
Restless is the mind
fumbling through unfamiliar spaces
How did we get here?
How did we end up
tumbling in a washing machine?
Is this a cleansing?
Wherefore art my Ark?
Chantell Wild Feb 2021
Once i thought I knew something
and then knew nothing at all
Climb the wall or break it
fly on wing or fall
Somewhere in between
I've heard that balance is in tow
Something about ducks
being neatly in some row
Evades me, this enlightenment
pervades me does the doubt
Essentially there's always something
that we do without.
Chantell Wild Feb 2021
This little bird flew to heaven
and that little bird flew to hell
God was away
but the Devil was waiting
for a penny in the wishing well
Some little birds went to paradise
while others simply fell
God be scarce and the Devil be willing
to play another game of dice.
Chantell Wild Feb 2021
Some say ..
others do.
Between saying and doing,
lies an ocean
of maybe.
Chantell Wild Feb 2021
I searched for you by daylight
and found nothing but snow
I called for you by moonlight
and was answered by a crow
It said 'sssshhhh, be still, now
as you tend to your heart.'
Where have you been, friend?
I promised to walk with you
until the day's end
but felt your hand slipping...
I held on and you let go
and now I'm not sure where to go
without your footprints in the snow.
Chantell Wild Feb 2021
curiously examines the corner
as she searches for shadows
cast against the black abyss
of her sleeping mind
when the lights come on
she hides in the cracks
waiting, waiting to awaken
from the dreamstate that
some call life
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