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Bummer Sep 11
I'm going round and round,
and I'm afraid of falling off,
because I know that if I slip,
there is no catcher in the rye.

Innocence is never preserved,
and reaching for that ring is scary as hell,
things just don't stay the same,
and that's the truth.

It's so bitter sweet,
it's a torturous love,
it's the happiest you get,
and the hardest you fall.

But if I slip,
and if I fall,
will you catch me,
one last time?

Will You Catch Me One Last Time?
I'm 16, so I'm allowed to idolize Holden
Star BG Mar 20
Winged souls harmonize
in voices divine,
as star chandlers
bring light to moment.

As angels sing to celebrate
all who wander on Earth.

Citadel is built by heartbeats mortar,
and love bricks guided by constellations
form grand monuments.

Light integrates with dark
for a parade of love to anchor
while new pyridines become reality.

And as life's carousel continues to turn
expanding self, we gracefully walk
with wind, rain, and sun at our backs.
Inspired by zebra a grand poet who dances with pen.
When I go bed at night It's hard for me to sleep my mind racing around spinning like a
flashing Images speeding through my mind no chance to stop the
to focus on the content of the visuals speeding through my head It is visions of my
I'm seeing to catch
glimpse momentarily of my life briefly as they pass me by all gone with a blink
of eye
Mind spinning like a carousel
can't sleep visions of my life
Constantly flashing before
my eyes
HoneyPotter Feb 21
White horses go up and down
enchanting music plays in background
It keeps spinning, round and round
a joyful ride with a merry-go-round.

People's life goes like a carousel
spinning with worries that never end
still we must enjoy every cheerful ride
and live a life that brings happiness inside.
pa3que Feb 9
I read about her somewhere.  
   About a lady in a white bralette.

Always bloomed alongside the flowers, with a scent, that made you look at her like she’s one of them. She came into a life with the waves. Crashed into you like the ocean onto the shore. Her touch was feverish and her steps were light.

Like the falling leaves she tiptoed around you, danced with the flames and got you lost in her madness. The kind of madness, that makes you walk through the forest in the middle of the night. The kind of madness, that erases all gravity and lifts you high up in the sky. The kind of madness, that makes you drop sanity out of the palm of your hands.

But her unexpected visit was just it. A visit. As soon as the wind blew she disappeared. And she was gone. Gone with the wind. The gravity reappeared and your feet we’re back on the ground. The sudden twist of events was often too much for most to handle. I live, but many have fallen deeper in the madness that existed only with her existence.

Their souls will forever be heated, but their eyes will never see again.

If I loved her?
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Sometimes when can't sleep at night listening
to the only sounds that
of those In my
Mind overactive to much going on like a carousel
round and round It goes
faster and faster can't focus
Try to stop It but won't stop
can't get off all memories of my past flashing by so fast but
gone by In the blink of an eye
Desperately trying to stop at a favourite moment In my life
It won't allow me eventually I fall Into sleep
my carousel ride over for tonight
When I can't sleep my mind Is like a carousel going round and round
We started with love.
Well, I did.

I started with love when I laid eyes on her behind, Le derrière of life.
I was pulled into a wormhole, only her slap could wake me up from.

We slipped into hate.
Well, she did.

Till with my charm I pulled her right back
For a Yoruba demon never gives up.
A carousel going back and forth, we ride from love to hate to love again.
I hate to see her go but I love to watch her leave,every single time.

Today, today is no exception.
She will be back.

Madam X Nov 2017
My life is like a carousel.
This one I can't get off.
It's beautiful on the outside,
but it never ever stops.
The world is a blur now,
from spinning for years and years.
It's easy for people to say I'm fine,
when they haven't felt my tears.
Your life might be a roller coaster,
going up and down.
That's way more fun than being stuck
Spinning round and round
This is mostly written about my vertigo tbh, but I hope you find meaning in it
Star BG Sep 2017
Being on earth is a carousel ride
that goes up-and-down,
North, South, East, and West.
Payment for such ride is gratitude.

The carousel conductor starts ride
with my breath that aligns in moment.

I am galloping on a rainbow horse,
up a grand mountainside.
Blossoming trees on either side.
Wind blowing hair with gentle energies.
An occasional shower
with darken clouds pass quickly.

Freedom is mine,
as love infused music plays.
It's the music of my heart.
Inspired from chat with Nadia- thanks
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