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Racheal McKnight Nov 2017
I know that it has been awhile,
Since I sat down to write.
Because now my life is soaring,
High just like a kite.

Now I am a fiance,
And a mother to a daughter.
Everything is looking up,
Even though I thought I could go no farther.

We have our own apartment,
Paying our own bills.
No more living with parent,
Just us at our own free will.  

Our little girl is now 6 months,
And time is going fast.
No more remembering the bad times,
No more living in the past.
Finally better
Racheal McKnight Dec 2016
Within me is a being,
That I cannot yet see.
A child growing day by day,
A gift to my fiance and me.

We may be scared,
And we may be stressed.
But we need to work hard,
To give our child the best.

The child may have surprised us,
But I wouldn't change a thing.
Bringing life into the world is magic,
And in a great way, mesmerizing.
Racheal McKnight May 2016
I was once a girl,
Hidden by my self hate.
After the pain, I hid away,
Until I found my mate.

He lifted me out of my suffering,
And opened up my eyes.
That I am truly amazing,
And I have no need to hide.

He gave me back my confidence,
And makes me so happy I could sing,
He is my light and my muse,
And his name is Brandon King.

Love you baby <3 :-)
Racheal McKnight Apr 2016
There are two types of beauty in the world. The beauty you see in yourself and the beauty you see in others.
i want to give you hickies
all over your neck, and stomach, and thighs
i want to kiss you so much
that we forget that we need to breathe
i want to deeply love, write you poems and songs
and cry with you when it is too late to
hold it in any longer
your lips are perfectly shaped,
your eyes hold some type of magic
please let me be the one to love you
endlessly and without limits
we can do things that you
have never experienced before
i want to give you hickies
you can give them to me too,
if you want.


4/6/16 11:01 pm
I can feel the gravity around me
I can hear your blood moving in this echo of silence
The impossible smoothness of a voice, impossible to exist, silky like the whisper of a breeze
The world is huge but so small in this moment, time stands still and if we try, counting the exact number of stars in the inky blue sky would be feasible
We are of the dark, fire flies burn away the sounds of the city at 5:16AM
Electric blue eyes see your face in neon detail, slightly shaking hands trace their definition of perfection
What if the ozone shattered, but breathing isn’t for anyone who’s seen the universe thru rose colored contacts
Have you ever tasted air so sweet you could feel the glucose in your flesh?
Have you ever felt the forest only thru your feet?
Heard the sigh of May?
The sky changes color with our breath, glass eyes begin to close
We’re sleepy so flowers grow in our bones, waiting for this town to wake
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