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ManoelO Mar 2019
Savour the taste
Restore a
That has
Been lost

Abandon your
Inner inhibitions
Gracefully float
In the
Swimming pool
Of liquor.
ManoelO Oct 2018
****** distresses

Only you
Can satisfy
The primal

Which you have
Upon me

To the arrest
Of your
Seductive allures

Slave to your
Sensual pleasures
Prisoner to my

To be the
Utmost of your
ManoelO Aug 2018
When besieged by the
sweeping tides of time

The evanescent of your presence
Has been preserved
In the fortitude
Of my mind
And begins to bloom in
The moment of ecstasies

I have savoured
The sweetness
Of you

That the tongue
Unto unknown realms

That I may
****** destiny
To surrender
Her will

To the
Of new
ManoelO Jul 2018
Our carnal delights are kept at bay

By our
Earthly commitments
but in subtle caresses
the dormant desires
Breaths from the
suffocation of
Our obligations.

Our eyes were
Windows to our

We resisted all

Till we departed and our
Dreams stroked
Passions frustrated

And we awoke
With a thirst
For Sensations.
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ManoelO Jul 2018
Floating through 
The elusiveness 
Of you 

A poor imitation 

I have conjured
and entangled in
these passages 

To experience you 

A breath of 
desire in 
my interlude 
from you. 

As I try to
Grasp the
Clouds and stars
Of you

In my mind.
ManoelO Nov 2017
Love rises from the firey
Basement of the soul
And soars the infinite skies
Of possibilities

But this love ashes
fall from clouded
And clogs the heart
Of bitter memories

The Phoneix of love
From the heavens
And plunges
Into jeopardy.
  Nov 2017 ManoelO
AK Bright
She looks in the mirror
At the age on her face
"I wonder what he thinks
of me this way?"

She considers her weight
and the pores on her skin
She thinks out loud
"I don't deserve him."

She picks apart
the woman he loves
Separating her worth
from all that she does
He looks in her eyes
and caresses her face
He sees it glowing with love
and full of grace

 The lines on her face
  he views with pride
  Recounting the victories
  each time they've been tried

The weight that she carries
 is that of a mom
 Nothing's too heavy
 She just marches on

These bodies will perish
 and mirrors offer no truth
True love abides
 beyond the corridors of youth

  No, she doesn't deserve me
  Perhaps God can see
  Conceivably, one day
  I'll be as worthy as she
to the mother of my children. Happy Mother's Day!
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