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Joliejoliesara Dec 2017
thrown to the depths of my heart,
im sorry...

im sorry i couldn't find your morning kisses
from droopy eyes and tangled hands in the ocean of white sheets

im sorry i will never know what you're afraid of
what you value most in this world and bring it to you
the reasons why you love and the reasons why you hate

i can't recreate your kisses
and thats putting nails all over my skin and bleeding out slowly  
i can't touch you anymore
and thats burning my hands to ashes

i cant put them back together, ash doesn't like the new structure  

you wait for the right one and when the right one shows up you feel the need to run. Forrest cant beat me, i got him.
Joliejoliesara Apr 2017
On a single day I became his entirely, all in all
Even what did not belong to me was now somehow his
He took the pain I had been collecting and ripped it from my skin

Without any warning he sprouted
And his roots found my ankles
Tangled around my thighs into my veins  
From there, we grew

We grew so high that we could only be found by our guardian
They caught us way up above the clouds in perpetual ******
Joliejoliesara Apr 2016
i don't feel guilty,

i learned to embrace it,
maybe it's the key to seduction..

i like to remember you,
all of you.

shadow and skin.

how your raspberry kisses dripped lust over bare me,
forbidden me.

how you made your way into me,
past all of the unnecessary clothes, fear, and guilt..

she wont forgive us and we wont forget.
Joliejoliesara Mar 2016
You caught me then,
Watching you in bed through the old mirror
While I lay on your chest.

What I didn't know then was that you were as unreachable as that reflection in the old mirror.

Just an idea.

Didn't know you would become just as intangible..
Just as elusive...
But wasn't it wonderful?
Joliejoliesara Oct 2015
Because a love so potent makes everything else taste grey

Leaving only black and white residues of hope

For after a passion that knows no boundaries
you're left with blank stares

where there used to be oceans,
the infinite,
hell and ******....
Joliejoliesara Oct 2015
to honor the fire that destroys you inside

give me all your sorrows
let me take the reasons for all the oceans you've cried

i want your guilt running through my veins
like all my cheap wine

didn't you know that,
angels aren't supposed to cry

let me sin, let me suffer,
as selfish as it may be
i deserve your pain more than you
maybe this way my heart wont die of love loss
Joliejoliesara Sep 2015
You came and you stayed

I have yet to get rid of you

Although you've been gone for some time

I see pieces of you every time
I look in the mirror

Intangible shadows of you decorate the
Walls of my
Was he even real at all?
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