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Brenda Nalugo Sep 2018
I know that days passed,
Days became weeks
And weeks bore months
But to you my beautiful,
My heart still belongs

When you left me for another man,
Oh how it hurt ,
Because I thought we had forever but I was wrong
But still to you my beautiful my all belongs

So if he hurts you
Turn to me
To you my beautiful my arms will always be open
Because you are my only beautiful love
Joseph Floreta Sep 2017
I saw the difference of this ministry
among others,
they literally follow what's on the Bible.
I saw how God works here,
impossible, great things...
Miracles and wonders.
I saw someone rose from dead.
I saw people healed from cancer, leprosy etc...
I saw how they praise and worship God.
They would never say God, Lord, Jesus,
but they address Him
as "Mahal na Panginoon",
"Dearest Jesus",
"Dearest Lord"----- GLORY TO GOD
Zero Nine Jun 2017
People laugh,
I hurt
But I don't mind
Gender is the joke
I am the punchline

Fighting for
the binaries
when our
expression is

If I die
then I'll be
the last bit lived true
My angry people
may take my body
since I'll
not be back
For myself and all my others.

Inspired by Morrissey's debut solo album, "Viva Hate" (1988)

— The End —