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Kole J McNeil Mar 2020
This face I see in the mirror
It doesn’t belong to me
This long hair
These pale blue eyes
Whos are they
They are not mine
They do not belong to me

The people at school do not understand why I hide my body
I hide with baggy clothing and short hair
But everyone can see through this mask I wear
I smile and say I’m fine but they can see every word I say is a lie

So I tell them why I do these thing
“ But why you're such a pretty young girl”
I say not girl and they say woman
I say Boy
They say Girl
I say Kole
They say Maggie

What did I do to deserve this
Whats wrong with my name whats wrong with who I am
I don’t judge people for who they like or who they are of who they want to be
You don’t judge people for dying their hair or changing their nose
But as soon as I say I want to be called a name it’s histarea

Whats wrong with one name
They say “ what next? Do u want to go to the boys locker room and hang out with them.”
Yeah so I feel more comfortable
But no I must fit society
I must be what i'm perceived as
I must be this robot that follows every command

Were fed this false information that anyone who is different is wrong or bad
We must hide from different
We must cage it
As soon as we are perceived as different we become a mouse in a cage full of lions
We get attacked

There are those few how will jump into the lion cage to save the small mouse
But then you get stolen away from your savoir and put in a cage for inspection
They scrutinize every part of you

Im a rainbow in sky full of clouds and I’m all alone
I know there are others but until you come out you are who they made you to be
Then when you do finally say how you feel you get rejected and hated and told you are not valid

I am here to tell every person who has ever felt this way
You are valid and loved and strong
Don’t listen to them

And to those of you who disregard their pronouns or hate them for loving who they love
You are wrong you do not understand everything they could be going through
Take it from someone who knows transphobia and bulling first hand you bullies never win
The small mouse in the cage of lions out smarts all of you and escapes through the bars while you stand stunned and stuck in that cage with no goal now I’m gone
This is for my school talent show and I'm so exited and nervous.
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
I like to laugh and smile
like any other kid
but you decided that

I was undeserving

of being liked
of being loved
of being myself

I wasn't cool
I wasn't trendy
I wasn't sporty

I was just being myself

I am quirky
I am intellegent
I am creative

You Don't care!

You are relentless
You are misguided
You are ruthless

Who hurt you so bad?

You have friends
You have fashion
You have popularity

Is that not enough?

I am now untrusting
I am now anxious
I am now depressed

It still hurts till this day!

I have grown to resent you!
I have grown to hate you!
Why aren't you dead yet?

I'm sure the feeling is mutual

You hurt me
Someone hurt you

When does this vicious cycle end?
I was bullied relentlessly throughout my entire school years.  It was torture!  I deal with it the best I can to this day.  I survived!  Please love your neighbor, but more importantly, love yourself!
The Vault Oct 2017
I held you from afar
   But the words you said
      Cut deeper
         Than any knife ever would
             Until I bled
         Down below
And you watched me die.
Storm Raven Jul 2015
mean words,
as I walk trough the school corridors
Another rumor

cruel words,
people yelling things at me as I walk by
Another word every day

That are the words they say

rumors spread through the school,
people laugh at me,
they call me a disgrace,
yell at me

Little ****

They call me things,
They talk behind my back,
Never care for what I think,
I am hopeless anyway

That are the words they say

They try to break me,
think this is a game,
but they don't know,
that I am already broken
Dead Lock Apr 2015
Now there
Do not cry
Go back to sleep
Lions do not wail
Over the opinions of sheep
Dead Lock Apr 2015
Oh just look at all of you boys
You can't believe your eyes
You had said that I was ugly
Now I take you by surprise
You really should have been nicer
Ironic at that
Now I'm the big show
And none of you are even half of that

Hope you enjoy
Watching my ******* rise
The dear bullies in the school yard
Am I on your mind?
You now say you love me
But what about before?
When I was nothing
But the ugly little girl next door
Dead Lock Apr 2015
A glass girl
With a clock in her hand
A bomb ticking in her stomach
And they called her bland

One day she will go off
With a bang and a crash
And barrel through lives
And watch us all thrash
Dead Lock Apr 2015
You want to play?
Is your finger ready to fire?
Ready to shoot your harsh words,
through my hopes and desires?
For if your ready to shoot
Go right ahead
But if your ready to **** another
Then you must be ready to be dead
I hate bullies
do you know that girl that you called fat, she went home after school and cut because of you
do you that guy you called stupid, he gets abused at home
do you know that girl you called ugly, her family hates her and she wears makeup to make she self pretty
do  you know that person you called emo, she has no one there, everyone hates her, she has no friends, and she has so much pain, so the only way she can get ruin of some of that pain is if she cuts because unlike someone people she has no one to turn to
stop bulling, stop saying **** , stop and get to know that person before you start judging,  please people around the world are hurting and getting bullied, let try and make it stop,
Katie W Jan 2015
The words you produce are poison
The type that spreads fear
It's an echo of oppression
That mutters close to ear
You think it's just for fun
Just a quick win
For you it's a passing comment
But for me it's embedded in my skin
'They're just words' you say,
You're a freak, man, ****,
'Remember what you're worth'
That's what it really like,
You don't think before you say
Whenever you speak these slurs
You perpetuate the hate
Masking me in caricatures
So next time you begin to say,
Those little words to me
Please check your ego,
And ******* let me be.
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