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i said i  love  you and now your gone i guess my  love  wasn't enough
i looked at the blood flowing from my body, i see that i'm no good, i see trails for tears dripping from peoples faces when they see my soulless body lay there just being still, they wept over my motionless body, asking and scream why did i leave, maybe its because i wasn't happy, my only moment of happiness is when he was there next to me, my mama told me you don't need a man to be happy, and shes right, but when that man took everything you had left in you, it felt like there was nothing left, my days got longer, my nights got harder, my smile faded, my laugh didn't exist anymore the little pride, the little happiness i had was now going, and no i'm dead, so please stop crying over my selfless body, be happy now you can live free
When your to the point where you cant breathe when i close my eyes,
To the point where every night is just a blur,
To the point where i just want to end it all
But i won't i cant
To many people look up to me..
I realize that now your gone.....
Your never coming back
Your happy now
I'm sorry
I'm disappointment
I remember the way it felt when the cold metal slid across my wrist,
The way the blood flowed down my arms,
The way the pain was slowly going away,
I needed you,
And you told me to go away......
I  hate  you = I love you
You told me you were never leaving,
Now look you left,
The moment when i need you the most,
The moment that kills me the most,
I turn around and see you know where to be found,
You told me that you would never leave,
What a lie you could create,
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