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Tin Ferrer Aug 2016
I make you smile but you make her laugh.
I make you sing but the lyrics is for her.
I watch you dance but your eyes focus on her.
I made you realize that life is fun but you said life is fun with her.
My evening thoughts are all about you but yours are all about her.
I like you as a lover but you like me as a friend.

But all those things is okay with me. But when I told you that I love you, you said "I'm sorry but I love her."

And it brokes my heart.
Tin Ferrer Jun 2016
I want a place.
I want a place where my mind can rest.
I want a place where my soul is free.
I want a place where my  heart feels like I'm home.

In short,
I want a place in your heart.

But I know,
Inside has already a name shouting for your love.
And here I am,
Always wanting to be that name.
Tin Ferrer Jun 2016
Are you a book?
Cause you're a
You make me turn the next page of you.
You make me smile in every words of you.
You make me fall in love with you.

Are you a fiction?
Cause you're
Too good to be true.
Too hard to reach you.
Too impossible to find you.

I am always here to read you.
Hays. Perks of being in love in Fictional characters!
Tin Ferrer Jun 2016
I was there.
Every time you need me, I was there.
When your world seems to fall down, I was there.
When you need a shoulder to cry on, I was there.
When you lost your sense of control, I was there.
When you got nothing left to do, I was there.

I was always there for you.
But just like Thinkerbell who always with Peter pan,
Still, he chose Wendy.

And you chose her.
Tin Ferrer Jun 2016
What's Mickey without Minnie,

Donald without Daisy,

Buzz without Woody,

Ken without Barbie,

Beauty without Beast,

Lilo without Stitch,

What's me without you?
Tin Ferrer Jun 2016
I heard you're a traveler.
No wonder you always visits my mind.
Tin Ferrer Jun 2016
It's 2:00 am in the morning.
And I wish I could hug you tight,
instead of pillow.
I could feel your arms wrapped around me,
 instead of blanket.
I could listen to your heartbeat,
instead of rain.
And I wish it was you on my side,
instead of him.

It's 2:00 am in the morning,
and I'm wishing for nothing.
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