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Mazen Edlibi Nov 2016
I pulled myself strongly from keep thinking of her!
I dragged the thought from reaching my brain to give that note that i missed her badly!
I locked my crying papers inside that drawer, so they won't be engraved happily on those lines talking how she is in every corner of my day!
I sent all those feelings and thought to the land of Doubt, to confuse them from being true about their existence!
I've victimized all my belonging, so I won't let her know how do i see her in my world!
I've concealed my vibes throughout the day, to let the mind take cover my heart!
                                                      But!!!....­.I failed!!!!
I failed not to tell myself, I am in love with her!
I failed not to write for her!
I failed not to free my memories from her!
                                                     And.... I am Still...
                                                        ­   Failing!
AD Snail Sep 2016
I feel empty inside,
Like a glass that has been forgotten,
And will never be filled again.

I feel hallow inside,
Like a fragile glass doll,
That can easily break once it hits the ground.

I feel deflated,
Like a old balloon,
That was let go of by its owner, long ago.

I feel blank on the outside,
Like a blank piece of paper,
That never got the chance to be drawn on.

I feel abandoned,
Like a lost puppy,
That was through out of his own home.

I feel unfilled,
Like a human being,
Never fully filled with emotions, and became emotionless.
Mazen Edlibi Jul 2016
I miss her!
I miss the breath in my mouth!
I miss the fallen hair on floor!
I miss the smell in my bed!
Is it the begin of my fall!
Or am I in the middle of decending to inferno dark side of loneliness!
Here I will oblige my pen to step!
I will contain my heart beats within the chest that held years of secrets!
No further spell of words on those white tempting papers!
No more openness
No more me!
Poetic T Nov 2014
You will experience
Many emotions,
Some may tease with
Others May lift you high
Before Letting go,
All life is emotion,
We just have to
Till one day ends and other starts *anew.
wulfhug27 Jul 2014
If I extend a paw,
my toes would separate, and I would admire the webs betwinx my pink pads. I would glance at them, with large light green eyes --
moistened and glistening from my tears.
I would be sad.
So feathered down, like a ghost goose whose body was given to flames.
Roasted and seasoned to bless the bellies of hungry children. Selfish, foolish children.
I would not bring my skull to motion
and only twist my heavy living frame.
Simply, stretch this paw of mine farther out.
Giving my body to sensations. To relaxations.
These muscles unaware of their tightness, their knots.
And when all doing so, all senses would fairly appreciate...
granting me with gentle gratuitous pleasure.
Now, out ahead my cold paw remains,
this rugged elongated snout of mine shut.
When my whiskers turn and my nose acknowledges the odor the breeze lends, the sweat being stolen from my now frozen paw, aching to return into the warmer-haven against my chest.
To return and meld
into my fur just like all the rest. I shiver curled against myself, 3 paws touch one another, safe. My entirety lain to one side. One eye to the sky the other to the dust.
The other facing the dusk
that surrounds me, much as time does. And faintly I breath. It is the only thing I notice. A blank mind does not notice much but what is closest.
My life still going.
My lungs still pulling,
heart still beating,
blood pulsing,
fluids slipping down my throat, through my veins.
Function-- normal.
The disarray has left me empty,
tail tucked in time, in space, one that pushes steady forward.
No one has the power to halt it. Nothing has the power to stop
neither this heart nor mind from crying out its faith..
I am blank........... but still still..
Twitching a tail out limp
against the ground it flickers and flags.
Sway against the air it does, swaying for my soul.
Why does it idle? How long has it been? I cannot know any longer,
no-one can.
Just sharing things from my blue leather journal.
I'd written this a few months back. I wasn't going to share it but here. Perhaps I should copyright protect my stuffff. And yes, it implies what you think it implies.

— The End —