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Choderlos Aug 2018
Turning your back at me
Leaving through that door
Never to return again
I knew I'd never again be the same
Or so I thought

I saw this coming miles away
Patiently I waited for this day
When every passing day felt like a decade
What I felt was more than I can say

The tears that flowed
Were no tears at all
The heart that seemed broken
Suffered not the slightest scratch
I owe you many thanks
For the daily doses of pain
All the times we were together

You taught me all there is to know
Love like ours was not meant to last
Nevertheless we had our moments
Until that fateful day
The day you said goodbye
Choderlos Aug 2018
A night in the park
The moon sheltered behind clouds
Shape of hills like things asleep
Birds are scarce in the skies
The world is in a background
It's only you and me tonight

Sing at the top of your voice
Make love to me like never before
We fought the law and won
Live every moment of your life
Like that dream you had is real
There's no stopping you and I

The last of our worries
Began the first of our joys
The shadows of our past
Lights our way to the future
Dance the rain, my dear
For a life of bliss and beauty
Awaits you and I.
Choderlos Aug 2018
One day she will turn to you
And ask you
Do you still love me
And a million things will rush through your mind
A question whose answer seemed so obvious
Now leaves you speechless

There's a lie in your mouth
But your conscience won't let it out
You don't want to break her heart either
With the truth
But sooner or later you know
Everything will be evident

It's no fault of hers
That you've changed this much
It isn't because she stopped caring
Or snapped at you last week
It is because seasons change
And she's still like sweet lemonade to you
But lemon is not your favourite anymore
You'd rather go for hot chocolate
Or ice tea instead

This love you once had
Has now developed cracks
They will break and cut her
Today or tomorrow
You need to let her go
Before you break her
Free her of the imminent pain
Before it's too late
Let her go.
Credits to Lily Rain
Choderlos Aug 2018
The sun sets on the little huts
Made of mud and roofs thatched
The African child
With smiles on his face
He hasn't a cause to worry
Running to and fro in the scorching sun
Lost in the midst of tall trees
Humming to the gentle breeze
He is a happy child

He is oblivious of the hard truth
That a sad future awaits him
Full of challenges and misery
Little does he know
Those smiles he once had
Widely drawn on his face
May dissolve into frowns of anguish

Committing neither an offence nor crime
There may come a time
The beautiful fantasies
The hopes, dreams and aspirations
Everything he once believed in
May come tumbling down

Nevertheless, he is relentless
There is a ray of hope
In this utter darkness
Full of vigour and energy
By might or magic
He will fight his way through
He is the African child.
Telling the tale of the underprivileged Africa child through poetry; from personal experience and encounters.
Choderlos Aug 2018
Lead me to paradise
to the place that exists
in beautiful tales and folklores
in fantasies and wild imaginations
hitherto was only a wish

I pray not you leave me here
in a land of sadness and sorrow
where the wind does not blow
and the grass does not grow
the stars have faded from view
there's only light in the dark

The sweet scent of savouring flowers
songs of birds fill the air
whistling winds soothe my ear
the trees talk to each other
like a work of art
everything is perfect and in order

There I want to spend eternity
waking up to an utter delight
free from pain and worry
surrounded by nature's finest
of everything best and beautiful.
  Aug 2018 Choderlos
As I took a walk outside,
I noticed something that caught my eye.
Twisted in the grass, ingrained with dirt,
What I saw made my heart hurt.

Monarch's wings I had found,
Which gave me feelings so profound.
An intense sadness, helplessness, fear,
Overcame me as I beheld these artifacts dear.

In death or life, they must have been torn,
These beautiful wings that the creature bore.
I picked them up and held them close,
These wings that symbolized what I feared the most-

Losing myself, my biggest part,
The part of my soul that is dearest to my heart.
And what for my memories, good and bad?
What if I couldn't remember anything; wouldn't that be sad?

The monarch's wings sit still on my dresser,
A reminder of my constant stressor,
Yet also comforting me just the same,
As I pass through each day, feeling slightly more brave.
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