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Eilis Ni Eidhin Feb 2019
The electron buzzed about the nucleus.
Wasn’t that what humans called a family unit?

The proton of course is bigger, and not really just one thing. The neutron accompanies the proton everywhere it goes. Electrons are much freer, in theory. They can zip away along a metallic wire given half the chance. But until they get that chance they’re bound at a distance.

She rarely saw the other electrons, life was mostly her in empty space alone with her thoughts.
Eilis Ni Eidhin Feb 2019
I dreamt we were together
Like we almost were
We spoke of love
A dream I still remember
More or less the same
Most nights
Since we almost were
Four years ago
Do you think of me?
Eilis Ni Eidhin Feb 2019
She wanted to leave but she loved him
He just wanted their life as it was now, to continue
She wanted to experience the world and had never expected
Anyone to tunnel into her heart
She didn’t like it

A feminist would say choose career over men
Choose life over servitude
Love is a prison

And she knew they were right.
Because if she stayed she would resent him
And eventually then leave without him
Unless the unthinkable happened
And he got her pregnant

That would be worse than anything
She would be societally bound to be “happy” then
Its illegal to not want a child once it graduates to a fetus

She had seen it happen before
The late night confessionary posts on social media
“I want everyone to know that being a mother
And a working mother
Is STRESSFUL. My hair is falling out.
But its uh… worth it?”
That was how those posts went.

So she left. And she was too afraid to look back
But hoped that he was following.
love life feminism settling fear woman
Eilis Ni Eidhin Jan 2019
The dance is the movement,
Gradual progression
between fixed points:
perfect plie
Balancing on pointe, arms raised.
These alone are boring.
It's the motion
The conflict between human energy and gravity
Defying nature with spins and splits in midair.
Life is not a fixed point that we reach.
Enjoy the beauty of defying nature
Through unending change.
Eilis Ni Eidhin Jan 2019
A bucket in an empty field
Though a verdant field
Feels nothing
It steals the drops
Of rain
From deserving soil
Eilis Ni Eidhin Jan 2019
Think not of perfection
Imperfection holds a greater universe

Fear not that you will not do
Live for little doings in your slice of time

Search not always for a dream
Always dream and delight in the thought

Beauty, idolised, is always just out of reach
A delicate beauty permeates the seams of this grey world

Even a full life can bring, and hide, unhappiness
If it is brimming meaninglessly

The world may tell us how to live
But our hearts dictate how to love
Eilis Ni Eidhin Apr 2016
Faint fair devil a plague thee
Rays of light arouse me
Hogs of ash surrounding
Rings of black abounding
Birth from sheets proufoundly
Chased a bus so houndly
Days come and gallavant
Sequential like the rain
I stand and stay adamant
I will not derail.
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