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Mitzi Ambrad May 29
You still haunt me
Midnight, daylight.

Feel your arms wrapped around me
Feel the tight grip on my hand
Feel your soft lips on mine
Feel your breath on my skin.

Memories of you still haunt me
Midnight, daylight.
Old fires are hard to get over with
Mitzi Ambrad May 23
Brush on one hand
Paint in the other
Poured a tint of green
Unto a pint of white.

I wanted more green.

You said stop
But it was too late
I already poured myself in
There was no turning back.

I wanted more green.

Instead, I got mint
Cold, cold minty hue
Now, I had to make do
With whatever green is left.

I wanted more green.

Green, green growth
And the best of my youth.
In memory of a failed paint mixing job that we were still able to 'wing'
Mitzi Ambrad May 18
I kept a list of things that you dread and like
Colored the first black, the other white.

Back then, I only know one to cite
Now, it has a ninety-nine items in plain sight.

Wrote the 100th note after the talk yesterday
My name is finally on it but the color is gray.
After our confrontation, it turned out I am neither.
Mitzi Ambrad May 16
Wind roars angrily
As rain drops start to fall
In a cold May dawn
I walk alone to home.

Step, step, step
I pace forward
My core is breaking
But I must move.

With shoulders down
and a face of frown
I try to struggle
Not to succumb.

Dark emotions lurk
Everywhere I look
My body shakes from fear
Even if it has known ache.
  May 16 Mitzi Ambrad
Broken hearts
never love the same
once broken
they often mend
but never the same
They refused to verbalize
that which they dared not realize;
in their fog of silent lies
lurked love's unspoken goodbyes.
Mitzi Ambrad May 16
The moon is full
Shining behind mountains tall
Cold wind sends shiver down my spine
I know, I know
I don't have much time.

Underworld's Grim knocks
on my heart, not the door
Be still, my heart
Be still, don't want more.

Here, the inevitable comes
Puts a sickle on my throat
I have lived. I have lived.
I am content. I am ready.
Take me now while I am happy.

Now, time will stood still
Like the sole tree on the hill
Bid goodbye, bid goodbye
For the time to die is nigh.
Ready to bid goodbye
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