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Jana Pelzom Oct 2020
My mother, she
Knows more than me,
Though she, like anybody,
Has her own insecurities;
That she doesn’t have a degree;
But she’s been teaching me
Twenty twos years and 5 months,
My sister 5 more years;
She’s been teaching longer than  
most of my buddies;
It’s even worse
For she can’t just fail;
Give F’s and maybe a retrial
My mother,
I tell you she,
Deserves an honorary college degree
For though she says I now know more than her
She was the one helping me through
my cries and utter misery.
It is unfair how the world at large
Took away your student at heart
But I need to apologize
For that in turn
Helped me realise how to learn.
My Mom © 2020 Jana Pelzom
Dedicated to my mother for all she has been through for me. Not everyone gets as lucky but I hope some end up being the lucky stroke for other children instead.
Cox Aug 2020
When you become old,
grey and withered;
I’d still display you in a vase.
How does it feel like,
To be one of those lights?
Sharing thy brightness,
Very contagious smiles.

Oh, I'm awed and psyched
Wish that I could touch you,
To confirm if you're true
Far from illusive hues

Then stare on your never ending happiness,
That is truly evident in your face.
I wish I could have some too,
Your beauty within the surface.
O'neill Doc Jul 2018

So I take time each new day, to write songs of the journey of our friendship. You are amazing; never change the goodness in you.
#friendship #appreciating
Debbie Brindley Feb 2018
Notice the things about
the one you love
Like their beautiful smile
The way that they dress
their own style
The tone of voice with
each change of mood
Or funny habits when eating food
The sound of their laugh
That look
just for you
The way their lips pucker  
as they drink
The way their **** looks
when they stand at the sink
The shape of their hands
The arch on their feet
All our loved ones are very unique
The color of their hair
Or expression in their eyes
The feel of their skin
The touch of their thighs
So make sure you notice
what you have today
Because someday
it may
just all go away
Stop and appreciate
trinity Jul 2017
For the days flooded with sun and the ones shining with rain
For the suffocating joy and the blinding pain
For hallways left empty and rooms full of laughter
For the dark raging storm and the light that comes after
For the pounding music that leaves pounding aches
For frustration and accidents and all our mistakes
For walls that tell stories and stories untold
For jokes between friends that never grow old
For brilliant blues and for blacks of the night
For the little things and the big things and all things alike
For these concepts and happenings we’ve all seen before
Here is your requiem, that you won’t be ignored.
i really love the concept of this one, but it definitely has room for improvement - might post a revised version at some point
Gabriel burnS Jul 2017
the sun god reaches out for me
index finger, a fiery beam
to claim my heart again
for the new day
for today's sunset
for tomorrow's sunrise
pierce the indigo cloak
rip it out through broken ribs
the prison bars asunder
claw it out from me
and make me cling
to dear life
compelled to fight
find in strife
what I lost in comfort
Ignatius Hosiana Mar 2016
clouds above seem
unaware of the scene
of where I have been
You taught a loner
this style dear Donna
hope you remember

— The End —